NBC News has a new article online featuring quotes from WWE Champion Jinder Mahal for their Asian American section. In it, Mahal is candid about his personal life and revealed he was very shy to talk on the mic in front of people.

"I'm very down to earth, quiet. I'm kind of a homebody. I have a little dog. She keeps me company," Mahal told NBC News. "I just like to train and diet and get my rest so my body can recover so I can wrestle."

Mahal, the reining WWE Champion, has now held the company's top title on SmackDown for over two months.

"It's an entertainment industry, and I know you have to turn up the volume, which I'm now comfortable doing," he added. "At first I was very shy to talk into the mic and to talk in front of people."

Mahal was little more than an enhancement talent during his original run in WWE from 2011-2014. However, he returned last summer leaner and much more muscular. Developments he credits to no longer consuming alcohol and training harder.

"You put in the hard work and then the result comes," Mahal said. "It's not that you see the result and then you put in the hard work. I was preparing myself.

"There's a saying, 'force the result,'" he added. "I was constantly getting in better shape, really watching what I eat, improving on all the facets of my game, so when the opportunity came, I would be ready. You have to stay ready."

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