Paige tweeted out several Periscope videos from Alberto Del Rio's La Cantinita restaurant in San Antonio last night. Del Rio once again noted that he had been drinking, but that he didn't need to be drunk to call out WWE and Triple H, who he referenced by name in the videos.

In the first video below, Del Rio talked about the crowd at his restaurant. He was going to speak in Spanish, and noted that some of the fans "are so dumb" that they can't speak two languages like he can. Del Rio later promised that he would behave and wouldn't say "stupid stuff on camera anymore" or bash WWE, which didn't last long. He noted that he was "of course" drinking, and said that he would say the things that he's said about Triple H any day of the week and to his face, whether he had been drinking or not. Paige appeared uncomfortable at this point.

Del Rio took more shots at WWE, saying that he wasn't cheap like the new WWE talent who work for $500 per show, to which Paige replied smiling, "I've got to take [Del Rio] away from Periscope." Del Rio then asked fans to watch Impact Wrestling, and asked Paige about what an amazing company Impact was, which made Paige uncomfortable again. He said that Impact doesn't judge talent by the color of their skin "like in other places," which caused Paige to say, "baby, I still work there!" Del Rio said that he wasn't mentioning any names, but said that Impact treats everyone the same regardless of where they are from or the color of their skin and "they don't do that bulls--t anti-bullying campaign."

"You have to preach by example, Stamford!" Del Rio exclaimed. "If you're going to push an anti-bullying campaign, you have to stop bullying people! If you want to promote a no hate campaign, you need to stop doing what you're doing and judging people by the color of their skin!"

Before ending the video, Del Rio joked, "of course I was kidding... not kidding."

In another video, which is below, Alberto Del Rio took some poignant shots at Triple H. In the past, Del Rio had cryptically simply referred to Triple H as simply the "man with the big nose," but in this video, Del Rio called him out by name.

"Triple H, you're a f--king pu--y!" Del Rio exclaimed. "I don't have to be drunk to say this, you're a pu--y! You just married well, that's all you did. You married well, and you're a pu--y!"

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