Seth Rollins was interviewed by RauteMusik to hype his WrestleMania match against Triple H tonight.

He was asked whether it helped to have started out in WWE with a stable in The Shield. Seth said he has a lot of confidence in his own ability and he would have got to where he was even without them, but his time in the group was also lot of fun and that it was nice to come in as a unit and learn together.

He was asked why there are less stables today than there was in the '90s. Seth said that wrestling is cyclical and it will eventually come back around, it's just the nature of the business. He was asked about the first time he met with Vince McMahon, but Seth said he doesn't remember, he thinks it was probably at a Raw event and he was very nervous. He said it's not like the old days where Vince would meet with someone like Ted DiBiase and he'd pitch the Million Dollar Man gimmick to him. Most of Seth's initial dealings in the company were with Triple H and the NXT management team.

When the topic of his latest injury came up, Seth said he initially thought it was going to be as bad as his previous one as he heard it pop just like the last time. He thought he'd be out six-to-eight months. He feels lucky with having only a level 2 MCL tear.

He was asked about what it means to take on Triple H at WrestleMania. Seth said Hunter is a guy who has a Mania legacy is one of the best. He said it's going to be very special and bring out the best in him. He says they think they could have the match of the night and a classic Mania show-stealer. He plans on pushing Triple H as far as he can go, and he hopes he pushes back.

Seth talked about the differences between him and Roman Reigns. He said he fancies himself as the biggest star in the company. He said they're both out there working as hard as they can, and they're both in high-profile Mania matches. He doesn't think either one is ahead of the other in terms of their standing in the company. He says it depends on your perspective.

Seth then went into not taking his career and life for granted after his first injury. It gave him time to reflect and to appreciate his time as a WWE Superstar. He said he now lives in the moment more, and takes time out each day to realize where he's at in life.

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