In the above video, Samoa Joe Was interviewed By Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman to promote WrestleMania 33.

Michael asked Joe how it felt to be called up to the main roster, and the reaction he initially received. Joe said it has been very humbling and rewarding so far. Brian asked if he had a particular timeline in mind for when he wanted to be on the main roster. Joe said he wanted the timing to be right, and that he was committed to helping NXT grow while there.

The topic on the differences between NXT and Raw was brought up, and Joe said NXT has a very intimate fanbase while Raw has a broader appeal among the casual fans. He said you have to make broad statements to speak to the main roster audience.

Brian brought up Seth Rollins' injury. Joe said it was rough, and that he sensed something was wrong as soon as he took him down in his debut. He said he had to be calm, and let the situation play out in the moment. Brian asked if he had a preferred brand to land on while he was in NXT. Joe said that he didn't, he thinks the split in general is pretty even on talent he'd like to work with.

Michael asked if there was anyone in particular that Joe wants to work with on the SmackDown roster. Joe said A.J. Styles, even though they've battled before, along with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton as well. He said the majority of the roster he'd like to wrestle.

Chris asked how a feud with Joe and The Miz would go. Joe said it would be compelling, and has come to realize that Miz is an unsung talent. He's able to garner a polarizing reaction from the audience, and thinks it's a rare trait that many wrestlers don't posses. Brian asked what the reception would be like when Shinsuke Nakamura is called up. Joe thinks it will be huge because he's a superstar in the truest sense.

The subject of music was brought up, and Joe was asked what he listens to before his matches to get pumped up. He said he plays Southern California punk, Rage Against The Machine and Black Flack.

Brian asked what we should expect from Joe at WrestleMania since he isn't booked on the card. He was vague in his answer, and avoided saying what he'll be doing.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, check out the video above.

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