Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

With Roman Reigns facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania this Sunday, there has been a lot of speculation about Reigns turning heel at the event, given that he will almost surely be the most booed wrestler on the show.

It was noted in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that with John Cena now being a part-time wrestler, Reigns has been the top merchandise seller of all the full time talent and "there's nobody ready to take his place." Cena will be taking time off after WrestleMania for outside projects, and he has four movies that he are nearing release or will start production (The Wall, Daddy's Home 2, Ferdinand and The Pact).

It was noted that in addition to selling the most merchandise of any full-timer, Reigns also gets the most reaction of any full-timer on RAW, even though it's mostly mixed or negative. As noted, Triple H addressed the reaction from fans to Reigns during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

"People can look at Roman Reigns and say, 'The failed attempt that is Roman Reigns,' but Roman Reigns sells tickets," said Triple H. "Roman Reigns gets one of the loudest reactions every night, whether that reaction is a boo or whether that reaction is a cheer. The fans who say, 'I don't understand why they don't turn Roman Reigns heel!' Isn't he already?

"If you believe what you believe, and you're saying, 'How can they not turn him heel? There is 70 percent of the crowd booing him out of the building!' If that's your belief, then isn't he already the biggest heel we have? If 70 percent of that crowd is booing him, then he's a heel. We're just presenting him to you in a different way that makes you hate him."

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