Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Since last October, Bill Goldberg has exhibited a great run in WWE that far exceeded his previous one. After 12 and-a-half years away from the company following the WrestleMania XX debacle, Goldberg returned to a chorus of "Goldberg!" chants in Denver, Colorado. For a number of years, there have been talks of Goldberg possibly returning to WWE for one more run. Although Goldberg showed during a number of interviews throughout the years that his relationship with the company was not a its best terms, he still could not shake the fact that he wanted to compete again for the sake of his wife and son.

So, Survivor Series rolls around, and most expected for it to be the last hurrah for Goldberg, as his desire to compete in front of his family would be fulfilled. All of a sudden, 1:26 after the bell rings, the pro wrestling universe was in full shock mode as The Beast was slayed. Two months later, at The Royal Rumble, Lesnar was eliminated in mere seconds, further showing that his Kryptonite came in the form of Goldberg.

Now, with WrestleMania 33 looming, Goldberg is now the WWE Universal Champion, and will defend it against Lesnar in their third match, second at a WrestleMania. The majority belief is that Goldberg will end his run at the conclusion of this match.

However, this may not be a final goodbye. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE views Goldberg's current run a success. With only rare exceptions, Goldberg has unanimously been the fan favorite in virtually every town he appears in.

As a result, WWE is now open to bringing him in for dates after WrestleMania. While it will most likely be for the sake of being a featured attraction leading to a major pay-per-view, the door is apparently not shut for Goldberg to wrestle again after April 2.

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