Source: Planeta Wrestling

WWE NXT Superstar Tye Dillinger recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling to discuss NXT possibly going to Spain, Rick Rude's Hall Of Fame induction, and why he chose not to join Sanity. The highlights can be found below:

The possibility of NXT going to Spain:

"First and foremost I love Spain. It's on my bucket list of top three places I want to visit. I've already knocked one off, we were just in Australia this past December of last year. That's one of the list. I have Spain, so I'm hoping because the NXT tour in Australia was such a success, I'm hoping in due time NXT will visit Spain. I have no doubt NXT will get there at some point because NXT is growing at such a massive rate, that we'll probably try and take over the world at some point, but we'll be there shortly."

His reaction to Rick Rude being announced for the Hall Of Fame:

"When he was announced I took a second to - while I was trying to Tweet about it, because I didn't have the right words. Growing up as a kid I was a fan of Rick Rude, those kind of guys I was always drawn to. They were larger than life characters and really grabbed my attention. Rick Rude was on the top of that list. I thought everything about the guy screamed mega-star. To have him inducted into the WWE, I don't know why it's personal to me, I guess he was such a big part of my life growing up, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and pride, that this guy I idolized growing up is now in the Hall Of Fame. His career is officially validated, this guy will last forever through the record books. I think to his family and everyone else that is a fan over Rick Rude, this is a long time coming and it's a wonderful thing the WWE is doing for him."

Why he decided not to join Sanity:

"I don't believe in their way of thinking. Eric Young has a certain set of values, and I'm surprised that he found three other people that share those same values and that same vision. I just don't. I don't believe in the eradicating people that stand in your way. I don't believe in, if you don't get your way, you force your way. I believe in competition, I believe in the better man wins. I believe that if you hang on long enough something good is going to happen. So when the opportunity to join them came to light, it was a very easy decision to say no. Based on those principles alone."

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