Welcome to WrestlingInc's coverage of WWE NXT. Tonight's episode features the rematch between #DIY and The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

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- Tonight's episode is back at the NXT Arena at Full Sail Live. The commentary team says hello and we look back at some action that happened before the episode.

- Billie Kay and Peyton Royce pull a sneak attack on the NXT Women's Champion Asuka.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs. Macey Evans & Sarah Bridges

Royce provides a distraction as Kay attacks Evans. Sweet spinning heel kick as the live crowd appears to be familiar with the debuting superstar. Tag made to Kay, double team offense goes array as the spin kick misses. Tag made to Bridges and drop kicks abound. Referee distraction as Kay gouges the eyes of Bridges. This sets up the bulldog face buster finisher to the knee of Kay for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

- After the match, the Aussie duo takes the mic and talk about their beat down of Asuka earlier and that the title belongs to "them." Asuka limps down much to the officials chagrin. Nikki Cross comes down to make the save, chases the duo away, and then delivers a top rope drop kick to the champ.

- We get a recap of the happenings just moments ago as Asuka goes crazy and attacks officials.

- Backstage with Cross and Sanity. They say they're going to "take." Damo is shown in the shadows stalking the group.

- Elias plays a tune ahead of his match which is up next.

Elias Samson vs. Jonathon Cruz

Samson shows his power early, but Cruz tries a series of roll-ups to no avail. Cruz hits a hurricanrana, gets a bit cocky, and Samson mows him down. Cruz playing the roll of the rag doll now as he gets bent around the ring post and a couple knees to the outside. Crus with a last ditch effort, but a big boot sends Cruz to the floor. Samson hits a Crossroads-esque neck breaker for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Elias Samson

- A look back at the Revival/#DIY match from NXT Brooklyn II.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Oney Lorcan

Rematch from a couple weeks ago on NXT TV. They lock up, Lorcan with the take down, but Almas takes a quick break to pose. Almas slaps Lorcan and may not have been a great idea. Almas hangs out in the ropes and Lorcan drop kicks him through them to the floor. Blockbuster from the apron to the outside for a big pop. Almas regains advantage, sends him to the corner, goes for his double knees, stops for a slap instead. Lorcan goes for a back elbow but is met by a kick from Almas. Seamless transition into an armbar. Lorcan fights out, but they trade shots and reversals. Huge running uppercut from Lorcan, running elbow to the oorner, and Almas is down. Running blockbuster misses and is caught by several shots to the face from Almas. Reversal into an Alabama Slam onto the ropes and both men down. Almas begs for the break, takes Lorcan's legs out from under him. Almas hooks in the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- After the match, Dasha asks Almas what we can expect from him in 2017. He cuts a promo in Spanish, crowd gives him the WHAT treatment, switches to English and says this is his dream. A bit more in Espanol before telling the crowd to "shut up" and takes off.

- A look back at the Revival/#DIY match from Takeover: Toronto.

- Interview with NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. He says his match was very tough. He's asked about Bobby Roode and says he likes him, he's a good wrestler, is good looking, and well dressed. He also says Roode isn't strong and won't be champion. Phillips says Roode refused comment but asked him to give him something. It's a ticket from last year's NXT Dallas. It's tag team title time, let's head to the ring.

#DIY (c) vs. The Revival--NXT Tag Team Championship Match

They get the spotlight treatment for the much anticipated rematch. Stiff shot from Dawson sets the tone early. Gargano rolls out of a corner attack, but met with a shoulder tackle from Dawson. DIY able to clean house to send us to break.

Back from break and Gargano in control. Blind tag made to Wilder, but Gargano catches on to the old trick. Wilder with a chop block on Johnny Wrestling takes him out and set up the target. Tag made to Dawson and the pace is slowed and the knee is worked over. They pull Gargano to the corner and wrap the injured knee around the steel ring post. They continue to work over the leg. Gargano slips out, rolls up Wilder, but Dawson distracts the referee during about a 4 count. Tag made into Dawson and Gargano slung outside. Another quick tag to Wilder, but Gargano reverses control and send Wilder to the post. Tag made to Dawson, Gargano goes for a tag, but is blown up by Dawson. Some more distraction and blind tag leads to a cover for a two as we go to break.

Back from break and Dawson has control with a single leg crab with the knee pad slipped down. Wilder tagged in, toys with Gargano, but the champ hits an enziguri. Tag made to Ciampa and he and the crowd goes crazy. Triple Germans to Dawson topped off with a back body drop of Wilder. Some chicanery leads to Revival regaining control. Ciampa lines Dawson up for a knee and connects for a two count. Ciampa goes for another suplex, but Wilder blocks it for his partner and makes the tag. Huge clothesline from Dawson and Revival are in firm control. Double team attempt from Revival reversed into a Gargano super kick. Ciampa applies the arm bar but Dawson breaks it up. Official tag made to Dawson. Gargano makes a blind tag as Revival telegraphs the double team. Gargano cleans house, but his spear is blocked. Dawson able to roll up Gargano out of left field for a long two. Dawson and Wilder sent outside by the champs and each man crashes and burns to the outside. Percy Watson is always good for a nugget or two during the match analysis. Tag made to Ciampa after they return to the ring. They line up for their finish, but Gargano pulled out of the ring by Wilder. Jaw breaker by Wilder to Ciampa on the ropes on the outside leads into a beautiful DDT from Dawson. Lackadaisical cover for a two and Dawson is incensed. Gargano knocks Ciampa down off the Shatter Machine setup. Tag made as Revival are hugging each other in the middle of the ring. DIY hits their double team finisher for he win and retention. Another great match from these teams.

Winners & STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: #DIY

- DIY celebrates the win in the ring as Authors of Pain music hits. Ellering appears on the ramp, but AOP attacks from the crowd. They man handle DIY with a bevy of power moves to show their dominance and celebrate in the ring holding up the titles.

- Backstage in Mr. Regal's office. He announces the tag championship match for NXT Takeover: San Antonio with #DIY and Authors of Pain. He says a contract signing between Nakamura and Roode will take place on next week's NXT. Asuka storms in and demands a match at San Antonio. Regal asks against who, and she replies "all of them."

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