Total Divas on The E Network
Season 6 Episode 3- "A Big Flippin Deal"

Here is the synopsis for this week's show:

Maryse clashes with Mike; Brie panics after a pregnancy scare; Trinity is offered a role in Marine 5 but must face her fears first

The open of the show takes place in Maryse & The Miz's House. They are having dog issues. Their dog "Mocha" treats their bedroom like it's a bathroom, and The Miz has to clean it up. He jokingly says that he shouldn't be doing it because he is the Intercontinental Champion.

We now arrive at Smackdown in Norfolk, Virginia. Natty is outside the arena signing autographs. Renee is going through the metal detector at security. Meanwhile, Paige is shown in the makeup area backstage. She is talking to Alicia Fox. Tells her that she wants to jump back into the dating scene. Alicia calls her "boy crazy". Paige tells Alicia to reel in some guys for her. Makes a joke about them teaming up to get dates.... In another part of the arena. VP of Talent Relations, Mark Cerrano approaches Trinity aka "Naomi". Trinity says that whenever he approaches her. That 9 times out of 10, It ends up being bad news. Mark tells Trinity that he knows that she is frustrated with creative, because she hasn't been doing much on TV. Mark tells Trinity that she is going to be off TV for another 3 to 4 weeks, because she is going to be filming a movie. Trinity is going to be in Marine 5 with The Miz. Trinity is stunned by this news. She's really happy about the opportunity and actually hugs and attempts to kiss Mark Cerrano..... Renee Young is now shown backstage rehearsing her upcoming interview segment. Natalya is shown in the ring wrestling Dana Brooke.... Renee approaches Trinity backstage. Maryse is also nearby... Renee and Trinity talk about Marine 5. Trinity jokingly says that she is going to beat up The Miz in the movie. Maryse makes the ladies laugh when she tells Trinity "good luck with that" in a funny voice. .....Maryse is now shown off camera talking about her husband. Clips are shown of The Miz defeating Cesaro on Smackdown with help from Maryse. Maryse says that Miz plays a mean character on TV, but that, he's nothing like that in real life. She calls him a sweet and romantic man. Says that her French background may have played a part in him acting that way.

We are now in Phoenix at Brie & Bryan's house. Brie is waiting for her pregnancy test results. She is two weeks late on her period and has taken several home pregnancy tests. She's never been late on her period in the past. So she has decided to go to her doctor and have her blood checked.... Brie is with Bryan and her brother JJ. When her doctor calls. Dr. Scholten informs Brie that her HCG blood tests came back negative. That Brie is not pregnant. The doctor cheers Brie up, tells her to keep trying and to not give up. Brie gets off the phone and says that she is sad. Bryan tells her that next time, they need to make it work when she is ovulating. Brie actually has an ovulating app on her phone, that she checks but doesn't trust anymore. Bryan says that her app is not good because it doesn't chart her "cervical mucus". JJ gets disgusted by this comment and leaves the room. Says he is out.

We are now back in LA at Mike & Maryse's home. Eva Marie has arrived. She says OMG when she sees their house. Eva off camera says that she has an extension line with Bellami Hair and that they are having a party at their beauty bar. Eva has invited Maryse. Eva walks into Maryse's home and they both compliment each other for how hot they look. Eva is even more impressed by their home. Says that she is in love with it. Maryse and her leave the house to go to the animal shelter nearby. When they are in the car. Eva asks Maryse about her marriage with The Miz. Maryse says that they have been together for 9 years and have been married for 2 years. Eva says that they appear to be very smart with their money. Maryse comments that Mike says that she likes to spend money, Maryse instead refers to it as investing. Maryse talks about how Mike and her like to buy old homes, renovate and then sell them. That it's one of their passions.

We are now in Pensacola Florida at Trinity & Jon's house. Trinity is working on memorizing her script for The Marine 5. Jon compares himself to Denzel Washington. Tells Naomi to not be a bad actor like the rapper T.I. Trinity asks Jon to help her with her lines. As she is reading the script, She finds out that her character Murphy rides a motorcycle. Trinity says that she doesn't know how to ride a bike. She panics because she now has to learn how to do that..... Jon and Trinity act out of one of her scenes in the movie. Jon clowns around and changes the script. Improvises with what he feels his character should do.

Trinity is feeling a lot of pressure. She pleads with Jon to help her do this movie. Jon says that he can't because he has to work. He says that there is a reason for things like Skype and FaceTime. Trinity jokingly warns Jon what could happen if he leaves her alone in Canada during filming. Jon jokes she might come back with a "Canadian dude". Trinity says maybe.....

Back in LA. Maryse is with Eva at an animal shelter. She is giving them clothes that her dogs grew out of. Maryse asks the workers at the shelter, if she can stick around and take a look at the animals. Maryse talks about her love for dogs and rescuing them. Maryse ends up falling for one of the dogs she sees, and debates taking it home. She says that her husband Mike has told her in the past, that she can no longer bring home any more dogs.

In another part of town. Nikki and Brie have met up and are on the road heading to do a WWE photoshoot with Lana, Renee and Paige. They arrive at The Viceroy resort. Brie is looking to get back into Brie mode, now that she found that she is not pregnant. Brie and Nikki are poolside at the hotel and Brie is wearing a very provocative thong. Nikki is shocked that she is wearing a thong. Nikki dares Brie to walk around the pool in her thong. Brie does it and draws some attention to herself.

We are now back to Eva and Maryse. They are back in Maryse's car with her new rescue dog Luna. Maryse realizes that she has a problem. She can't bring her rescue dog back to her house. She is afraid that Mike will see the dog and be pissed. Maryse doesn't know where to keep Luna in the meantime. She ends up deciding to bring the dog along to the red carpet to the party. Maryse and Eva hope that Luna will behave well at that party.

We are now at Maryse's house. Her and Eva are getting their hair and makeup ready for the party. They have the rescue dog Luna with them and are hoping that they leave before The Miz shows up. No such luck as The Miz arrives on cue. He is home early and Maryse hides the dog. She greets her husband. "Mike" goes outside to work on something. Maryse and Eva manage to sneak away with the dog to the party..... Later on..... Eva and Maryse are talking photos on the Red carpet at the party, Maryse's new dog ends up "dropping a bomb" as Eva Marie describes it.

The Bellas are out with Lana at a restaurant. Brie is a few drinks in when Lana joins them. The ladies all talk about how much fun it is to be drinking and getting drunk. Brie talks about her desire to get another tattoo. Something that symbolizes her entire WWE career. Nikki ends up telling Lana that Brie was wearing a thong earlier. Brie says that it is her last chance to wear one before she becomes a mom. Lana tells Brie that she will always have a great figure and will end up being a hot mom. The ladies toast to Milfs.

Maryse arrives from the party with her new dog Luna. She has to face the music and her husband. The Miz is disappointed that Maryse has brought another dog into the house. The Miz is miserable with the latest addition to his household.

Trinity and Jon are on the road. She is stressing out about her upcoming movie role. They end up visiting a motorcycle shop to help prepare for her movie. Trinity ends up on one of the motorcycles. She ends up starting one and gets scared by the noise of it. Trinity talks about how frightened she is about falling off of one. She talks about how one of her friends ended up getting their leg amputated in a motorcycle accident. It's one of the reasons that she is so fearful.

The Bellas are in LA with Renee, Lana and Paige. Driving to the site of their photoshoot in Santa Monica. They arrive at the beach. Paige jokes that she is looking for some men. Renee spots a couple making out on the sand. She says that they are dry humping. Calls it very freshman like. Renee and Paige applaud the couple and tell them that they are doing a good job.... Supermodel/Designer Susan Holmes-McKagan is designing the photo shoot. She preps the girls and directs them during it. Brie starts fretting about this being her last chance to be sexy.

Back at Jon and Trinity's home. Jon surprises Trinity with a gift. He has gotten her a small moped. For her to test out. Trinity hopes that the small bike will help her get over her fear of riding a bigger bike. The test drive begins and ends quickly when Trinity gets on it, starts screaming and spiraling out of control. She ends up getting upset at her husband. Throws her goofy undersized helmet at him.

Back at the house. Trinity is really down on herself and she starts crying. Jon consoles her. Trinity is hurt because Jon doesn't know how stressed out she is about this opportunity. How she has begged the WWE to do more with her, and how this movie is a chance for that. She wants Jon to take it as serious as she is. Trinity is panicking that things won't go well.

The Miz and Maryse are now on the road. Maryse is driving Miz to The Valley. She actually starts talking to him about renewing their vows. Miz says that they have only been married for 2 and a half years. That they have to be together longer to do that. Mike says that Maryse probably wants to renew their vows after every year. Tells her that she wants to needlessly spend money doing it..... Maryse takes Miz to see a property that she has purchased in The Valley. The problem is that The Miz has no idea that she has already bought the property. He thinks, he is going there to see what Maryse has interest in..... Maryse calls it a very good deal. She mentions that her husband likes to "flip" homes in Hollywood and that he might be uncomfortable about the home being in a different area. They arrive at the home in the San Fernando Valley. The Miz spots two abandoned shopping carts out front. One of them has a half eaten chicken wing in it. When they go inside the property that Maryse has bought. The Miz and Maryse have a look around the house and Miz is not very impressed with it. Calls it the kind of home, a killer used to live in. When they go outside, The Miz continues to critique the home. Thinks it's a bad investment. Maryse reveals to him that she has already purchased it.

Maryse reveals that she bought the home for 390 thousand dollars. The Miz is visibly upset. Almost gets teary eyed. The Miz is upset that Maryse didn't even talk to him about it. Maryse says that she had to move quickly on the deal. That she got it for 10 grand less. That her team helped her with the purchase. The Miz takes exception that he wasn't talked to about it. That he wasn't a part of Maryse's "team".

The Bellas, Paige, Renee and Lana are at a restaurant eating after their photoshoot. Brie wants to go get a tattoo and says that Paige can get a new boyfriend there. Renee says that her and Brie have talked about getting tattoos together for years. Nikki says that Brie should contact Bryan first before getting it. Brie gets upset at Nikki for acting like her mom and ruining her fun weekend. When the ladies leave the restaurant. Nikki and Brie have a heart to heart discussion about Brie's behavior. Nikki tells Brie that she needs to stop acting like this is her last fun weekend. That just because, she is going to be a mom in the future. It doesn't mean that she can't have fun anymore in her life.

The Miz and Maryse are out having dinner together, before he leaves to go film The Marine in Vancouver. The Miz is still in a bad mood after Maryse's business decision without him. The Miz clears the air of all his frustrations with Maryse and her spending. Talks about what happens if he were to get injured. That they can't be taking gambles with their money. The Miz talks about how so many wrestlers careers end in an instant and how they don't have money saved up to support themselves when their careers abruptly end. The Miz is worried about being away from Maryse for 4 weeks filming. Scared of what she may do with their money while he is away. The Miz then brings up the D word. Divorce... Talks about how he vowed to never get married because his parents ended up getting divorced. Miz feels that their failure to communicate is what led to their split. He doesn't want the same thing to happen to them. Maryse apologizes. She explains her behavior and tendency to rush to quick judgments because of her childhood trauma. How she lost her father at a very early age. He died of a sudden heart attack. How it forced her to grow up quickly and make adult decisions. How her father's death made her see that life is short. That his death has always put her on edge. How she has become impulsive as a result of it. Maryse apologizes to Miz for not including him in the process. The Miz says that they have the things that they have, because they are a great team. Maryse says that he is right. That she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. The Miz jokes that he hopes they get their money back for the house she bought. Maryse says that they will but doesn't seem too confident about it.

Trinity is with Jon in Pensacola. He brings her flowers to make up with her. Jon has written Trinity an apology letter. At the end of the letter. It reveals that Jon is going to visit Trinity on the movie set to support her. She is very happy with this news, and offers to give Jon a baby.

We are back at Miz & Maryse's home. Maryse has invited her sister and nephew over. They end up taking one of Maryse's dogs. Which pleases The Miz. He then teases Maryse's nephew for not being able to speak English. Miz then talks to the boy in French to prove that he can speak his language.

Scenes are shown for next week's show on the video below. Eva Marie is struggling to get her wrestling career going. Brie tells Nikki to not bring up wrestling around Bryan. Bryan finds out about it. Paige has a mental breakdown and falls in love with Alberto Del Rio. Her new relationship concerns all the divas.

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