- Apollo Crews spoke with CBS affiliate WIAT in Birmingham recently to promote last night's SmackDown Live, as seen in the video above. During the interview, Apollo Crews talked about getting his name, and noted that Dusty Rhodes was really behind "Apollo," which was Crews' first choice. He said that Dusty's stamp of approval on the name helped him to go with the name. He noted that he gets called "Apollo Creed" all the time.

- As noted, ESPN recently took part in a media conference call with Cesaro. During the call, ESPN asked Cesaro if we would like to return to his original Swiss rap song that he debuted in WWE with.

"I do not like my current entrance music," Cesaro admitted. "I've kind of wished I could have a new one since I got this one.

"I asked for a little James Bond-esque entrance because I'm a big fan and that's always been an inspiration to me. That's what made the transition to the Swiss Superman. It just went from there. Little piece at a time, little piece at a time. Hopefully the music will be a piece sometime soon."

- The Manchester Evening News has a short interview here with Jason Jordan, who was promoting the upcoming WWE tour in the U.K. In the interview, Jordan talked about the differences between crowds in the U.K. and U.S.

"The environment of the UK tour and the UK fans is incredible. It's a complete different atmosphere to the United States," Jordan said. "They have unique chants, a lot of energy and a deep appreciation for good wrestling. It's a pleasure to be appreciated and to be part of something so special, so I'm really looking forward it.

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