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- Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan welcome us to tonight's episode and recap last week's results along with tonight's match up's.

Zack Sabre, Jr. vs. Noam Dar

The two good friends shake hands and we're under way. Fast paced mat wrestling starts us off to a stalemate. Looks as if Dar got popped on the ear where there was an earring. ZSJ takes control with a side head lock and then uses Dar's own arms against him with a straight jacket. The two exchange words and Dar lures Sabre in and takes out his leg. The "Technical Wizard" ZSJ regains control, but the aggression of Dar pays off. Lots of reversals of holds and submissions. Sabre heads to the top but Dar takes out the legs before takeoff. Sabre mercilessly working the arms of Dar as Dar targets the leg. Multiple cover attempts by both men lead to another stand off. Dar lands a combo of palm strikes and a elbow lift, but gloats a bit much and Sabre hits a half Nelson suplex for a two. Dar hits a fisherman's suplex for a two on ZSJ. Roll-through by Sabre and lands a stiff PK but doesn't get all of it as he sells the leg injuries and gets a two count out of it. Action fast and furious now as we head to the outside. Back in the ring and Dar hits a drop kick in the corner and Sabre able to get the shoulder up. Out of nowhere, ZSJ applies and octopus and Dar counters with a sweet jumping knee bar. Sabre reverses for a cover and a two. Another reversal into a knee bar and transition to the arm bar.

Both men exhausted at this point. Dar catches ZSJ out of the air off an uppercut into a backslide and a two count. Sabre lures in Dar for an arm bar. Dar reverses for a cover and a two. Off the kick out, Sabre regains the arm bar. Dar takes down ZSJ and hits a double stomp from the top rope. Sabre makes Dar miss a kick but Dar back into the knee bar and Sabre gets to the rope. Both men roll to the outside as they attempt submissions. Sabre may have injured his elbow on the landing to the outside. Official at a count of eight and Dar rolls in, Sabre rolls in at nine and a half. Dar switches strategies and goes after the injured arm. ZSJ counters with a double arm bar using his legs and nearly dislocates Dar's shoulders. Dar forced to submit and Zack Sabre, Jr. advances to the semi's.

Winner via Submission: Zack Sabre, Jr.

- We're back in the CWC Control Center with Corey Graves as he sets up our last quarterfinal match and our main event of the evening.

T.J. Perkins vs. Rich Swann

Expecting a fun one here. Swann dancing through the ref check was fantastic. Kudos to Drake Wuertz for not breaking. Great reaction for T.J. Perkins as well as he's impressed since the very first round. Friendly hand shake and a remixed Swann theme gets us started. Perkins not enthused and they lock up. Another show of skill from both to start the match and ends with a respectful standoff. They each trade wrist lock take downs. Perkins with a twisting head scissors take down and dabs on em. Swann reverses to a head scissors submission of his own. Perkins with a hand stand and jumps his way out of the lock and hits them with another dab. Swann takes exception and we are a bit more serious for a moment. Swann gets the most of an acrobatic exchange and returns the dab multiple times. Now both guys' feelings are hurt and we have a match.

This one a much more lively "flippy" cruiserweight match. They exchange kicks on the outside and the action heads back inside with a slingshot senton from TJP. Cover for a two off the side press cover. Slowing things down a bit with TJP applying a rear chin lock with the arm bent in addition. Perkins focusing his attack on the knee of Swann that landed badly earlier in the match.

Perkins continuing to torque the knee of Swann in all sorts of bad ways. Swann escapes but is hobbling around and hits a swinging neck breaker on TJP. Swann with the big kick in the corner followed by a jumping DDT. Neck breaker from TJP in combo with a double knee suplex of sorts for a two count. Perkins takes Swann up top but the dancing machine fights out and sends Perkins crashing to the outside. Perkins back up and executes a springboard frankensteiner. Perkins up to the top, but Swann hits a frankensteiner of his own. Rolling Thunder followed by a standing moonsault. Not enough, Swann hits a driver for a two. Swann drags Perkins to the corner and looks for the standing 450 but Perkins grabs the knee for a knee bar. Swann able to get to the rope and Perkins holds it until the last second. Roll up by Swann for a two. Power bomb from Swann into a jack knife cover for another two.

Both men up slowly. Spinning hook kick in combo with a round house kick from TJP. Swann retaliates with a hook kick of his own. Swann's knee gives out as the official checks on him. Perkins hits a Pele Kick off a fireman's carry. Transitions smoothly into the knee bar and Swann has to tap. Perkins releases immediately after the tap as he checks on his good friend after the bell.

Winner via Submission: T.J. Perkins

- The two embrace again in a show of sportsmanship as Perkins hesitantly and emotionally celebrates. Perkins faces Kota Ibushi in the semi-finals. Zack Sabre, Jr. will take on Gran Metalik in the other semi-final match.

- We get a look at our semi-finalists and a preview of next week's two hour special. I hope you will join us for all the action!

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