Michael Cole's guests this week for his WWE.com interview were American Alpha - Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, as seen in the video above. Below are some highlights:

* Gable was asked about being in the Olympic Games in 2012 and now being in WWE and what was the biggest difference. Gable said there were many differences, and cited the WWE crowds, saying that you have to use them. He said that they would not perform the way they do without the crowd, but in the Olympics or amateur wrestling, you can't let the crowd affect you. He said that he feeds off of the crowd's energy and gives it back to them.

* Cole noted that Jordan always had the potential, but there was always something missing until he started teaming with Gable. Cole asked what it was that turned things around. Jordan said that they have a natural chemistry between them, and he relates to Chad like his brothers. He said that it makes him more comfortable and allows him to open up and be himself. He said that when he's able to be himself, he's able to go to another level. He talked about the match against Baron Corbin and Rhyno at NXT Takeover: Respect and said that he felt on another level during that match.

* Cole asked them about "arriving" at NXT Takeover: Dallas last April. Gable called the Olympics the greatest day of his life and one of the worst days of his life because he came up short. He said that something was missing after the Olympics and he needed to fill that gap. Jordan said that he had a similar feeling by not being a national amateur wrestling champion. Gable said Takeover in Dallas was an opportunity for them to redeem themselves at a big event. Jordan said that it was a lifetime of hard work paying off because they knew what it's like to be close to your goals and not getting there. He said that with it finally happening, it was hard not to get emotional and come to tears.

* Gable and Jordan talked about being drafted to SmackDown. Gable said that the build-up was "terrible," noting that Bryan said that they drafted the best tag team in NXT and he has a different take on wrestling, so you don't know what he's thinking. He put over Bryan for making it seem like a big deal. Jordan said he froze before realizing that it's real.

* Cole mentioned the SmackDown tag team title and asked them how they plan to win them. They dropped their catchphrase, saying that they'll do it by staying "Ready, Willing and Gable."

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