Source: JR's BBQ

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry over at his official website. He opens up about the NXT duo of Gable & Jordan, ESPN and WWE's new partnership, as well as TNA's Championship tournament. You can see highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan:

"Really liking the up-side of NXT's Jason Jordan and Chad Gable either as a team or positioned as individuals. Seems to me that Jordan, former Indiana Hoosier heavyweight, has been ready for a good while. Nonetheless all talents ar better suited to stay in NXT until WWE creative has a grand way to introduce them. In today's marketplace one's introduction and their first 6 months of their call up are essential."

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"Smart move by WWE aligning with ESPN. Creates awareness to a new, sports centric audience and may entice displaced fans, and there are plenty of those out there, back to the brand."

TNA's tournament:

"Enjoyed Impact Wrestling Wednesday night on Destination America. TNA is making chicken salad out of their tournament format which I thought was a good presentation."

You can also visit JR's new video page at this link.

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