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Stairway to Janice Match: Abyss vs. Bram

Two of TNA's biggest dudes kick off the show as they vie for possession of Abyss' nail-studded lady friend, Janice. Bram and Abyss trade shots in the ring and then go outside and duke it out. Bram gets chucked into the steps and Abyss gets out not one, but two barbed-wire covered boards from beneath the ring and tosses them inside. There's a ladder in the ring, too but it hasn't really come into play at this point. Once they guys are back in the ring, Abyss teases the black hole slam but doesn't land it. Bram plasters him with a trash can lid and goes up the ladder but Abyss takes him down to the mat. He grabs the Crown Royal bad of tacks and holds it aloft, prompting a loud reaction from the crowd. Bram tries to put Abyss down and Abyss responds by tossing Bram into one of the barbed-wire boards that's propped up in a corner. Bram then gets back up and returns the favor, throwing Abyss into the other one. Bram's back is cut up and bleeding as he ascends the ladder and releases Jancice. He then comes down, clears the ring and sets up to bury the weapon into the Monster's body but Abyss lands a black hole slam into the tacks. He takes hold of Janice and almost lands the death blow but Bram hits a low blow and follows up by nailing Abyss (literally) in the belly with Janice. Bram gets the pinfall to end this one.

Result: Bram defeats Abyss via pinfall.

Backstage, Ethan Carter says his time in jail was pretty awful but pledges to hold someone accountable for the whole situation. Roll commercials.

After the commercial, Magnus congratulates Bram in a dimly lit hallway and then we get the signal that Ethan Carter is on his way to the ring to talk business. He cracks on everyone who rejoiced in the sight of Dixie going through the table but ends up thanking Kurt Angle for sending him to jail. EC3 explains that he had a "moment of clarity" when he was in the pokey and blames Rhino for their big loss against Team Bully. Rhino doesn't appreciate that one bit and gives all of the jaw-jacking right back to Ethan. Carter slaps Rhino and Spud gets between them appealing for calm but the guys start going at it. They go outside the ring and Carter gains the upper hand, throwing Rhino into a railing and then getting him back in the ring for a full-on beatdown. Carter is totally pumped, Rhino is completely incapacitated and Spud is in shock as the segment ends.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo against Low Ki and it's time for a break. Included in the commercials is a really interesting anti-smoking PSA from Mr. Anderson.

Following the break, we hear from the Hardys regarding their legacy and future goals and we get one more glimpse at how Joe became the new X-Division champ. Low Ki and Joe emerge from the back for a title match

X-Division title match: Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe

Tenay tells us that these guys love to rely on their "striking prowess." Sounds legit. Joe goes for the arm bar quickly and Low Ki escapes outside. He comes back in and they lock up for a spate of grappling. Low Ki lands some decent shots and kicks on Joe but the champ comes right back and drops Low Ki like a bag of sand. Joe's chest is all red from that series. He goes to work taking apart Low Ki and it almost looks like a squash match for a sec. Back to a vertical base, low Ki starts chopping again but Joe stays up and takes him out with a big boot followed by some other powerful moves. He covers but it's a near fall. Joe goes for a muscle-buster but Low Ki blocks it and plants two boots on Joe's back. Low Ki hist some aerial moves and gets his own near fall as the crowd chants "this is awesome." Samoa Joe gets back on top and locks in one submission move after another until his opponent gets to the rope. They go back and forth with another series of very strong, stiff-looking moves including an amazing clothseline from Joe. Low Ki mounts a little more offense until Joe stops him cold with a muscle buster for the win. This was a very good match.

Result: Samoa Joe defeats Low Ki via pinfall.

Backstage, The Hardys ask Devon for a moment of his time and the guys in the truck cut to Mr. Anderson cutting a promo on Samuel Shaw. Shaw taunts Anderson and they start scrapping to begin the "I Quit" match. Commercial sign.

"I Quit" match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Back in the arena, Anderson and Shaw come out brawling. Anderson has a cord but Shaw wraps it around him and starts choking as the ref asks Anderson if he quits. No dice. Anderson breaks free and notices that Gunner is coming out to watch. Shaw gets all over Anderson again, landing a batch of cross-face blows. Shaw takes the mic and says, "Say you quit" and Anderson replies "You quit." Thus, it continues. They make it into the ring and Shaw stays in control for a decent stretch. He goes for camel clutch (a.k.a. "Devil's triangle") and Anderson blocks it until Shaw re-sets and locks it in. Ken still won't throw in the towel and fights back to gain the advantage, putting Shaw in his own submission move. They have a funny back-and-forth in which Shaw yells "No!" and Anderson yells "Yes!" prompting some "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants from the crowd. Shaw finally quits and Gunner comes in to survey the damage.

Result: Mr. Anderson beats Samuel Shaw by submission.

The roaming camera gets a word with Team 3-D and they advise everyone that The Hardys have an idea to revive tag team wrestling and we go to break once again.

Fresh from some important messages, we get a recap of Angelina's backstage attack on Gail Kim. Kurt Angle says Love will get what she asked for and they'll be in a "Last Knockout Standing" match later tonight. Bobby Roode talks on tape about how tough it was to be off work for seven weeks and talks up the "Six Sides of Steel" match that's coming up in a bit.

The Hardys head out to the ring and they receive a warm welcome. Jeff says (implicitly) that TNA was the right place for a reunion of the Hardy Boys. He calls out Team 3-D so they can lay out their vision for the tag division. Before they get down to brass tacks, Bully reminds everyone that Team 3-D put Dixie through a table. Turns out everybody remembers. He acknowledges that both teams in the ring want the belts and calls out The Wolves to continue their confab. Eddie says they want to be part of history and Davey says both teams can have a shot at the titles.

From there, we see Mike Tenay's bedside interview with Dixie Carter. Dixie says her back was broken and she fractured a rib when Bully put her through the table. She says she is going to focus on business outside of the ring for now but cautions us that we "…haven't seen the last of Dixie Carter" and adds that "Carters never forget." Then she kicks Tenay and the crew out. A commercial break follows.

The show resumes and we get a glimpse of Storm's new messianic, cult-leader persona. After that, the Knockouts match is announced.

"Last Knockout Standing" match for the title: Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

Love comes out first, accompanied by Velvet Sky. Gail hits the ramp, holds the title aloft and then tears right into the ring and goes after Angelina. She catches Love and rolls her back in and takes it to her pretty hard but Angelina fights back and slows the champ down for a while. Love tries to clock Kim with a cookie sheet but Gail avoids it and kicks Angelina out of the ring. Velvet gets involved and waffles Kim with the tray anyway. Earl starts the count on Kim as Love barrels at her and Kim sidesteps and tosses Angelina into the ring apron. Both women struggle to get back up and Love eventually heads back into the ring. Kim momentarily stops her and teases a big spot on the steps and Velvet gets involved again, bouncing Kim's head off the steps. Love tries to suplex Kim into the ring from off the apron and Kim somehow manages to block that and turn it into a hanging figure four. Velvet breaks the hold, affording Love the chance to dish out some more punishment but Gail ends up pitching Love into the railing and Love sells it like she's in serious pain. Gail goes after Angelina with a chair and Love hits a wild "Botox Injection," driving the chair into Gail's face. The Beauts take her back into the ring and set up a double-team and Gail powers out, takes Sjy out of the equation and hits a something like a modified superplex on to a chair. Hebner counts to ten and Gail retains.

Result: Gail Kim retains the KO title when Love can't answer the ten-count.

Kurt Angle informs the TNA Universe that he's going to improve on the idea of a Wolves/Hardys/Team 3-D match by making it a tag team title series in which the first team to win two matches wins the series and the titles. When a team wins a match, they pick the stip for the next match. It begins next week.

MVP enters the arena and cuts a promo that, truth be told, is a little tough to follow on account of the canned heat that's being pumped in for this segment. He breaks down the history of people challenging Lashley for the title and says they're not worries about who is the next top contender for the strap. The rules of the match are presented and entrances ensue.

Six Sides of Steel is next, after this…

Six Sides of Steel Match: Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Gunner vs. Magnus vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

"Austin Aries" chants kick in early and the action is fast and furious. Aries and Storm settle into a spirited brawl and the crowd begins to show their appreciation for Bobby Roode. TNA moves into a break but things will surely heat up from here.

The match is re-joined in progress. Storm hangs just outside the cage and Roode yanks him back in as Tazz struggles to articulate what's transpiring inside the cage. Aries heads up next and Gunner grabs him and prevents his exit. Young slaps the sharpshooter on Magnus and Bobby puts a submission hold on Storm but abandons it when he sees Aries climbing the cage again. Aries comes off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick on Roode but Bobby regroups and responds with a spinebuster. Stoorm lays a superkick off into EY's face and more action follows. For about a half-second, everybody is down and Gunner comes up first to try getting out again. Storm finally knocks out Gunner with a running kick. The wily Aries heads up the side again, making it all the way to the top with Magnus in hot pursuit. On either side of the cage, EY and Roode both set up for a "Jacob's Ladder"-style power-bomb and then they both race up the cage. It looks too close to call as both guys hit the floor at about the same time and the show ends with the decision up in the air.

Result: As of the end of the show, the ending was a split decision between Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

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