TNA Hardcore Justice Results: Cage Match Ends In Controversy, Joe Retains Title, More

TNA Hardcore Justice Results: Cage Match Ends In Controversy, Joe Retains Title, More

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Welcome to's live coverage and results for TNA Hardcore Justice. Tonight's show was taped in New York City several weeks ago. Late-breaking news is that TNA and Spike have reached a deal to keep Impact Wrestling on Spike through the rest of this year. Read more about that here.

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Stairway to Janice Match: Abyss vs. Bram

Two of TNA's biggest dudes kick off the show as they vie for possession of Abyss' nail-studded lady friend, Janice. Bram and Abyss trade shots in the ring and then go outside and duke it out. Bram gets chucked into the steps and Abyss gets out not one, but two barbed-wire covered boards from beneath the ring and tosses them inside. There's a ladder in the ring, too but it hasn't really come into play at this point. Once they guys are back in the ring, Abyss teases the black hole slam but doesn't land it. Bram plasters him with a trash can lid and goes up the ladder but Abyss takes him down to the mat. He grabs the Crown Royal bad of tacks and holds it aloft, prompting a loud reaction from the crowd. Bram tries to put Abyss down and Abyss responds by tossing Bram into one of the barbed-wire boards that's propped up in a corner. Bram then gets back up and returns the favor, throwing Abyss into the other one. Bram's back is cut up and bleeding as he ascends the ladder and releases Jancice. He then comes down, clears the ring and sets up to bury the weapon into the Monster's body but Abyss lands a black hole slam into the tacks. He takes hold of Janice and almost lands the death blow but Bram hits a low blow and follows up by nailing Abyss (literally) in the belly with Janice. Bram gets the pinfall to end this one.

Result: Bram defeats Abyss via pinfall.

Backstage, Ethan Carter says his time in jail was pretty awful but pledges to hold someone accountable for the whole situation. Roll commercials.

After the commercial, Magnus congratulates Bram in a dimly lit hallway and then we get the signal that Ethan Carter is on his way to the ring to talk business. He cracks on everyone who rejoiced in the sight of Dixie going through the table but ends up thanking Kurt Angle for sending him to jail. EC3 explains that he had a "moment of clarity" when he was in the pokey and blames Rhino for their big loss against Team Bully. Rhino doesn't appreciate that one bit and gives all of the jaw-jacking right back to Ethan. Carter slaps Rhino and Spud gets between them appealing for calm but the guys start going at it. They go outside the ring and Carter gains the upper hand, throwing Rhino into a railing and then getting him back in the ring for a full-on beatdown. Carter is totally pumped, Rhino is completely incapacitated and Spud is in shock as the segment ends.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo against Low Ki and it's time for a break. Included in the commercials is a really interesting anti-smoking PSA from Mr. Anderson.

Following the break, we hear from the Hardys regarding their legacy and future goals and we get one more glimpse at how Joe became the new X-Division champ. Low Ki and Joe emerge from the back for a title match

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