Ausgamers interviewed WWE U.S. Champion Sheamus during the WWE tour in Australia last week. You can watch the full interview by clicking here, below are some highlights:

* He said that it's been an interesting year since returning at The Royal Rumble earlier this year, and admitted that there's been some ups and downs. He said that being in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania was a lot of fun, but it wasn't his ideal match considering his past WrestleMania matches.

* He talked about having great matches with Christian and Cesaro this year, and he's not sure what his next step is. He said that he loves wrestling Cesaro and their styles mesh perfectly.

* Sheamus was asked about Alberto Del Rio being fired, and replied that the term "released" was better. He said that he didn't know anything about it, and that he's gone to war with Del Rio many times in the ring and that he's always been a favorite opponent of his.

* Sheamus was asked about fueling rumors that he was playing Darth Vader in the new Star Wars movie. Sheamus said that he hasn't fueled anything, and that he never said that he was going to be playing Darth Vader. He noted that all he said was that he was on the West coast (where Star Wars is being filmed) of Ireland having fun.

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