Sam Roberts interviewed Sting earlier today at the WWE 2K15 panel, which you can watch above. Below are some highlights:

* Sting says that based on the reaction from WWE fans at Comic-Con last month or the 2K panel today, there doesn't seem to be any issue with fans not remembering him .

* He didn't watch the RAW where his WWE 2K15 promo aired, but he heard about the reaction and got a lot of feedback for it.

* Despite the streak ending, he still wants to wrestle The Undertaker. Sting says that he can't imagine that 'Taker is done or leaving, and Sting vs. The Undertaker doesn't need a streak storyline.

* When asked if there was anyone he'd like to face on the current roster, he remarked that it made sense for him to wrestle someone from his generation that he's never wrestled.

* He said wrestling Ric Flair on the last episode of Nitro was surreal. He talked about how WCW went from second place to first, and then became a sinking ship with the enemy coming in and taking over.

* He said that he did talk with WWE when his WCW contract was completely over with and that they came very close to a deal.

* He noted that the Starrcade finish between himself and Hulk Hogan didn't deliver and was a sign of things to come. He said that the backstage unity started dissipating and "there were sudden problems with lots of different people." He said that it was a rough day, and that there were timing issues in the match. He noted that he was frustrated with the ultimate delivery.

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