recently spoke with Ryback about food. During the interview, he was asked about getting the "Feed me more" chant.

"Yeah, it happened when they were just giving me local competitors," Ryback said. "I personally wasn't happy. I wanted to be fighting main roster talents. I was getting guys half my size, then it was two guys half my size. One day, I just looked at them—to [WWE executives] Vince [McMahon], to Triple H, to Stephanie [McMahon], to Kevin Dunn, everyone in charge—and just screamed, 'Feed me more!' It just came out. I've had other [catchphrases], like 'Ryback rules!,' that were a little more premeditated. 'Feed me more' was natural and just happened.

"It's kind of how I've lived my whole life. I've always said, 'More is never enough.' I feel like ['Feed me more'] could take off any chance we let it because every human being, at their very core, understands 'Feed me more.' All of us have an ego. All of us are never satisfied. You give a homeless man on the street a hundred dollars. His first instinct might be to be thankful, but I guarantee you he wants more. It doesn't matter what you apply it to: food, just life in general. Everybody wants more. It's one of those things that the people understood and kids understand. It took off, so I'm very thankful for that."

He also commented on WWE catering:

"I have a routine when I go to WWE catering. I go in there, and we got the paper plates and the forks and everything. I always load up three, four, five plates—not individual plates, but three or four stacks on top of each other to reinforce my first plate. I put so much food on there, the last thing I want is while I'm walking from the food to the table is [for] the plate to break or slip out of my hand 'cause it bends. There's that much food on my first plate. My first meal of the day when I get to TV is ridiculous. Every time, there's somebody that just looks at me like, 'Oh my God, you're going to eat that?' I'm like, 'Every week, you guys say this. It's not a surprise anymore.' There's always a large amount of food whenever I'm around."

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