Dave Bautista recently spoke to The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling while promoting Guardians of the Galaxy. The full interview is available at this link, here are a couple of highlights:

Programs when he comes back to WWE:

"I still want to go back to WrestleMania with Triple H. To me Triple H is as good as it gets, he's the best there is. I would really love that retirement match with Triple H. I also have a really close friend, Thaddeus Bullard, who is Titus O'Neil and he's actually a really close friend. I think there is a lot that remains to be seen from him and I don't think they're doing him justice, they aren't really using him to his full ability and I'd love to be that guy that kind of brings him up to the next level, so if I could accomplish that, that would be great."

Pay structure for talent with WWE Network:

"From the talent's perspective, that's a tough question because I could put myself in a politically incorrect spot. As of this moment with the WWE Network losing money, I don't think the talent is benefiting the way they should, and rightfully should be."

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