- There are rumors all over Twitter and Facebook today that it was reported Rosa Mendes is seen as a "laughingstock" by her co-workers in WWE. The rumor went that none of Rosa's fellow employees feel that she can wrestle, talk or entertain but tolerate her because she's not a threat and they get along. As far as we know this has not been reported by any credible sources and appears to be just another internet rumor. We're only addressing the rumor because a handful of fans were asking about it today. If this talk is reported by a credible source we will keep you updated.

- WWE stock was down 0.29% today, closing at $13.86 per share. Today's high was $14.03 and the low was $13.77.

- We've heard reports of the Hulk Hogan special edition of WWE 2K15 being close to sold out for a number of retailers.

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