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During an interview published today on Yahoo! Sports, Hulk Hogan was asked to give his thoughts on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin saying he's a bigger legend.

Austin was asked in a recent interview whether he's a bigger legend than fellow WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

"If you're talking to me, it's going to be Stone Cold Steve Austin," he told a Texas radio station. "If you guys are talking to Hulk, it's going to be him."

"I think that's in his own mind," said Hogan. "My career was twice as long as his. I've been a main eventer since 1978 when we sold out Shea Stadium. I just totally disagree with him. I know he had a good run when he was in the Attitude Era. I don't know how long the Attitude Era was four years, eight years I don't know how long it was. That's where we totally disagree. Maybe he and I should lock up and figure this thing out. That would be a nice match."

Although Sting has formed a relationship with WWE, it remains unknown whether he will actually wrestle for the sports-entertainment organization. Hogan is hopeful that Sting, who was his last opponent, steps foot inside a WWE ring as a wrestler.

"Sting and I last talked when he made his appearance at Comic-Con and they announced he was part of the WWE Universe and that his dolls were coming out. We had a long talk on the plane and I said, "Brother, you have got to wrestle. I mean, I don't care what kind of deal you signed, I said you can still go. You've never made a mark in the WWE," said Hogan.

"I was begging you to come here in the '80s and the '90s and now you just show up out of nowhere. You've got to wrestle." So, I hope it happens really soon. And I think by the time I beat on him for the three hours from Los Angeles to Dallas that I think we were on the same page and he knows that he needs to get in that ring and leave his mark in the WWE and make a huge statement. I hope it happens sooner than later."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hogan discusses Monday's birthday tribute, his desire to wrestle John Cena and Cena sporting red and yellow attire on Raw.

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