Source: Spinoff Online

Spinoff Online just published an interview with Daniel Bryan that was conducted during the San Diego Comic-Con late last month. Here are a few highlights:

When he might return to WWE:

"I mean, I'm hoping soon, but I don't think the doctors are thinking it's going to be that soon. The problem is nobody really knows. I'm doing my best to recover as fast as possible."

If he would return in a non-wrestling capacity:

"I don't know. I feel like if I can come back to wrestle, then it's best to just wait until I can come back to wrestle. Not being around is good for when you come back if you're constantly being seen and that sort of thing. I'd rather just be off getting better."

Who he hangs out with backstage:

"I like pretty much everybody. Some guys I like because I've known them for years, and some guys I like just because they're funny, and some guys I like just because I like giving them crap. And so: Big E. If anybody is [reading] this or on Twitter, go ask Big E what he thinks about 9/11! [Laughs] Those kind of things. I really like Ryback, Cesaro and Seth Rollins, too. Heath Slater entertains me to no end as far as him as a human being. William Regal has been a mentor of mine for years. Whenever I get to see him, it's great. Kane. Very interesting character. We've got a lot of fun, cool people backstage."

Bryan also discussed what is exciting him in wrestling right now, which NXT stars he's excited about coming up, KENTA, Prince Devitt, if he could take the Iron Sheik and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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