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Speaking to Yahoo! Sports/SB Nation, Roman Reigns offered insight into his character and what he feels he needs to do in order to make it to the top of WWE.

"When you're in a spot that I'm in -- or even higher, the spot I aspire to be in -- not only do you have to talk, and [sometimes] open up 'RAW,' or even close it down [with] talking, or somewhere in the back [cutting a promo], there's a good bit of talking involved," said Reigns.

"Personally, for my character, I started as the silent but deadly type. Sort of a badass, not have to say too much. [Now] it progresses from week to week. But when you're in that type of spot, it's not only what you're doing on [WWE TV], it's doing different stuff. You have to do different opportunities where you have to do different stuff. Those are the things I enjoy."

"Everybody wants to be on top. Everybody wants to ascend, to be the top guy. So they start doing all the stuff that they have to do. Not everybody wants to be busy every single day. I'm that guy. I'm a workhorse. I'll take anything and everything I can get and I'll do it with a smile on his face."

Reigns will be put to the test this Sunday at SummerSlam when he takes on Randy Orton in his first singles pay-per-view match.

"I'm ready to go. I'm tired of waiting," says Reigns. "I feel good [about the match]. I wrestle five to six times a week and [the matches are] all by myself, so my engine's ready to go. I'm running on pretty much full cylinders here. It's just about getting out there and doing it now, but I couldn't be any more ready than I am."

Among wrestling fans, there are a good number of memes and running jokes related to Reigns, including his hair. In response to inquiring minds, he reveals his hair-care regimen.

"People may get mad about this: I don't do that much," said Reigns. "I wash it a couple times a week, but pretty much every night, I put in some leave-in conditioner. I want to say it's like a Moroccan-type, argon oil conditioner of some sort. I don't know, I just use it, I don't really know the details on it. [That] and some water, and then at the end of the night, you wash that out, take a shower, brush it, tie it up. I think that's one thing that actually helps: when I'm not wrestling, I tie it up, so it's not getting dried out and tangled up. A little bit of leave-in conditioner goes a long way."

Much more is contained in the interview, including stories on being chased naked by bees and what once made him break character.

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