WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan and his World Xtreme Wrestling promotion in Florida have been running a #WXWAgainstDrunkDriving campaign on social media to spread awareness about drunk driving after The Rock's mother Ata Johnson and his cousin NXT Diva Lina Fanene were hit by a drunk driver earlier this month. Several Anoa'i family members have been doing media interviews to spread the word.

Afa published a Facebook blog and noted that many family members and wrestlers gathered at the hospital after the accident. One of Afa's students, WXW star Noah Kekoa, was riding in the car in front of Ata's SUV at the time of the accident. Afa said he and other family members were threatened with being arrested by police as they tried to approach the SUV. Everyone with the family except for Noah and Afa were forced to wait at a gas station across the street while first responders worked the scene.

Afa noted that The Rock's mom told the first responders, "Call Dwayne! Call my son!"

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