WWE SmackDown Complete Results: Ambrose And Cesaro In A No DQ, Reigns Vs. ADR, More

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On this date in wrestling history in 1999, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker in a "First Blood" match for the WWF title. That match took place at WWF's Fully Loaded show, which was held in Buffalo, New York. Neither one of those guys is on tonight's card but hey, we have an entirely new generation of talent to look forward to and we'll likely get a memorable moment or at the very least, a noteworthy second or two out of what's on tap for this evening.

The Usos vs. RybAxel

After the opening titles roll, The Usos work up the crowd and bounce out to the ring to battle RybAxel. Cole reminds us that the RybAxel guys are on a roll and JBL agrees by pretty much saying the same thing. Cole says that RybAxel might be in the hunt for a shot at the titles somewhere down the road. Good luck with that, fellas. As the match starts, JBL lays it on thick by saying the Usos may be the best team of their generation. Ryback and Axel get the chance to work on Jimmy a little and he ends up on the floor outside the ring where Ryback runs over him like a freight train. Looks like a good time to watch some commercials.

After a scintillating commercial for Saturday Night's Main Event on demand via WWE Network, we're back in business as the RybAxel guys are still solidly in control of this one. Axel gets a two-count but can't seal the deal. Ryback tries too but it's still on. Jimmy eventually hits Ryback in the head with a high-spin-kick thing and tags in Jey. Jey fires up the crowd, hits Axel with his posterior a la Rikishi, hits a Samoan drop and goes for the pin but he's foiled by Ryback. Ryback ends up on the floor and we get one of those "Uso crazy!" exclamations that Cole is contractually obligated to make every time the boys are in the ring. As both Usos are on the floor outside the ring, Axel gets confusted and grabs the "fresher" Jimmy Uso to toss back in the ring instead of Jey, who is legal. Looks like the ref didn't catch it, either. It's the old Bella Twins trickery at work, folks. Jimmy pins Axel with a roll up and it's all over.

Result: The Usos defeat RybAxel via pinfall.

Cole and JBL revisit Stephanie's arrest and plug Reigns vs. ADR in the main event and then they tell us that "Miz TV" is coming up after these important messages.

Fresh from the break, WWE advises us that Battleground was the most "socially active" of all shows last Sunday. Forget buyrates, folks; social media is all that matters these days. Tout is a good example of that, except that Tout doesn't matter any more, either. Let's watch some "Miz TV"

Miz gives an "acceptance speech" and introduces his parents, finally giving the guys on the comment boards a new picture of the senior Mizanin to use as an avatar. Miz asks his mom who her favorite WWE superstar is and she gives the perfect deadpan answer: "Roman Reigns." That answer got a bigger pop than RybAxel's entrance theme, folks. Mizaninin's self-aggrandizing monologue continues until Bo Dallas emerges, prompting most of the live crowd to wonder who they'll boo more. Dallas and Miz make nice and fawn over each other briefly and then Dolph Ziggler's theme breaks up the party. Ziggler gives Miz some props but there's clearly some hostility there, especially given how Miz won the match. Ziggler takes a few verbal shots at Miz and Dallas and Dallas tries to smooth things out but Ziggy pushes him away and goes after Miz. Dallas hits Ziggler from behind and knocks him out of the ring as Miz stands to the side looking pensive. Looks like a new, multifaceted feud in the works.

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