Indy INC: Darin Corbin On 10 Years In Wrestling, 1CW Wrestle Reunion Results, SWE Returns

Darin Corbin. Photo by Jarrod Miller.
Earlier this year, Darin Corbin celebrated his ten-year anniversary as a professional wrestler. In the ring, he has entertained fans all over the United States and overseas and on the 'net, Corbin reaches thousands of fans on a regular basis through his YouTube video series and his presences on Facebook and Twitter. Corbin recently spoke to, sharing musings on the state of the business, the need for self-promotion and his personal goals for the future.

Darin, you've been all over the United States over the course of the past decade. You've locked up with some big names and won a lot of titles. What are some of the biggest moment in your career thus far? What are your most important unfulfilled goals as a wrestler?

One of my biggest goals was to go overseas to wrestle. In 2011, I was able to accomplish that goal and had a blast as it was such a great learning experience. Ideally, I would still like to do something on a national stage, travel overseas to a different continent (or return to England). But I want to keep wrestling fun and never get sick of it.

With regard to finances, public relations and other backstage issues, both WWE and TNA have really been taking it on the chin lately. Do you think this is indicative of a serious downturn in the wrestling business? What does this mean for the men and women of the independent scene?

I might be wrong in this, because I haven't sat in on financial meetings with the top companies, but I feel pro wrestling will always peak and valley with money. The money is out there but the companies just have to find the right focus and engage in smart spending. What draws people to products is something new. To get people in the doors they need to offer something unique and entertaining that makes people want to spend their dollars. There is still some success amongst other companies. Over saturation can hurt the market and cause the need for adjustment. When these places weed out or restructure, things level off again. The future isn't bleak in my opinion.

You're not shy about promoting yourself whether we're talking about social media, your W.R.E.S.T.L.I.N.G. Reflections YouTube series or interaction with fans at live events. How important is this for independent wrestlers, both as individuals and for the sport as a whole?

It's the most important thing I do. People can forget what you've done in the 10 minutes you were in a ring. But on the internet, social media can create an everlasting moment for better or worse. It stays there. I constantly promote myself and look for new outlets to get my name out there. Good publicity for the promotions I associate with as well (I hope).

You're quick with the jokes and you know how to make folks laugh but you've also been in your share of nasty brawls and street fights. How do balance your light-hearted side with the part of you who has to bring the pain and spill some blood to earn a victory?

I like to have fun, but I know it is a fight. Mental toughness and mind games can throw off any opponent. I have a "Me vs The World" mentality. The crowd wants to take a shot they are public enemy number one. But I also know when time for talk is have to flip that switch. Trash-talking an opponent while he's down is gratifying. 

Where are you wrestling these days? What's the best way for wrestling fans to check you out if they can't see you at a live event?

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