Court Bauer Of ROH Talks ROH PPV, TNA Contacting ROH Talent, Kevin Steen In WWE, Next ROH PPV

I recently spoke with ROH consultant and former Wrestling Inc. Weekly podcast co-host Court Bauer, who discussed this Sunday's ROH Best In The World pay-per-view. We will have live coverage of the pay-per-view this Sunday. Here is the full interview.

Wrestling INC: How has everything been going on your end?

Court Bauer: I've been very busy. We got a busy week and we're coming off a busy May. We had two shots in Toronto and New York City, which was with New Japan [Pro-Wrestling] and it was a fantastic experience. We made our triumphant return to iPPV with Ustream. It was a fantastic month for us and now we're doing Best in the World in Nashville, so there's my nonorganic sell to kickoff the show.

Wrestling INC: So when did you start with ROH?

Bauer: I signed my contract in December, just before heading out to Final Battle in New York. That was my first day with the company and here we are six months later. It's been an amazing ride. We had AJ Styles come in January, Chris Hero come in at Final Battle, New Japan's involvement starting with the announcement at the anniversary show in February, our announcement about live pay-per-views, and we have other cool stuff in the mix I can't talk about yet that are business related on the licensing front.

It's a very ambitious year for us and we have our work still cut out for us. This is a critical stage in the process to deliver a high quality pay-per-view with good matches and a good experience for everyone at home. There are a lot of options out there right now. There's TNA, where people get frustrated, but I understand they had a good show recently at Slammiversary. The more variety, the better it is for everyone. I wish it was one of those things that everybody was killing it and all the products are so good it's hard to pick one to watch. It's been a long time since people have said that about wrestling. I'd like to see wrestling go back in that direction. A lot of the pieces are there.

Look at the talent in WWE, TNA ROH, and NXT. All these different properties have the key ingredients. The talent is fantastic, but how do you utilize them all? It's like a baseball team. You bring in a new manager or head of operations and all of sudden you see these pieces come together. Sometimes you bring in the wrong guy and see things go in a terrible direction, which happens a lot. Hopefully, this is a big year for us. We've been building momentum going into this month and the next one is a very ambitious one with a live pay-per-view on Sunday nights, so we're excited for it.

Wrestling INC: It appeared ROH lost some of its edge over the last few years and it seems to have turned around. What would you attribute to the turnaround we've been seeing?

Bauer: First of all, you had to write the script when it came to iPPV. There was a lot of frustration and 'oh my god I can't believe the stream went down' with the product. Ustream has been doing this for a decade and they are the gold standard. You've seen the revival of New Japan in the last year through Ustream. It's a fantastic portal. You see the product in high definition, can watch live or on demand, it's well priced, and easily accessible. It's a great product, so when we partnered with them I think people saw the iPPV working better than ever and that's cool. We literally had no complaints about the iPPV in May. Best in the World will be available worldwide on Ustream, so if you want to check out the show that way, that's how you can watch it. Bringing in the right talent with interesting matchups has everything locking in.

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