WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Top Stars Qualify For MITB, Stretcher Match, Stephanie Gets Sick

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Top Stars Qualify For MITB, Stretcher Match, Stephanie Gets Sick

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- Tonight's WWE RAW Pre-show opens up with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Paul Heyman as fans pile into the Quicken Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Heyman says he's not here to talk about basketball or hockey, he's here to talk about RAW. Booker talks about The Authority addressing the roster at the top of the hour. Riley reveals you can use the code "preshow" for 20% off WWEShop.com if you order $25 or more. The offer is only available during the pre-show. Mathews talks about Money In the Bank.

- We get a replay from last week of Stephanie McMahon's announcement on Daniel Bryan and the pay-per-view. We go back to the panel to talk about The Authority, Bryan and the title. We see Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox going at it for a Superstars match. Riley picks Bray Wyatt to win the ladder match. Heyman obviously goes with Cesaro and reminds everyone that Brock Lesnar ended The Streak. We go backstage to Renee Young and Vickie Guerrero. Renee asks what The Authority has in store. Vickie says she was just told to gather a certain number of Superstars. Vickie says everything is just fine with her relationship with Stephanie. The panel talks more about what the announcement could be.

- We come back from Network commercials and get a video package on Seth Rollins. Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler is announced for later tonight. Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt is also announced. The panel talks more about Money In the Bank. Heyman says he represents Brock Lesnar, represents Cesaro and represents his own interests. We go to more Network commercials. The panel talks about comedian Kevin Hart hosting tonight's show. More talk from the panel as Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger go at it for Superstars. Riley predicts Seth Rollins will be added to the ladder match. We see Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler making their way out. Booker brags about his Hall of Fame ring and Riley says he's working on his, trust him. More talk from the panel and that's it for the pre-show.

- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with Michael Cole welcoming us. The WWE roster has been gathered up on the stage. We see the WWE World Heavyweight Title hanging above the ring. Triple H's music hits and he makes his way out with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie pats Seth Rollins on the back as does Triple H. Triple H also had some small talk with Cena it looked like. The Authority heads to the ring.

After a recap of last week's announcement, Stephanie takes the mic and welcomes us to RAW. She says they've gathered the Divas and Superstars for a meeting so they can let everyone know they care. She brings up the roster not having a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H says the Superstars lay it on the line every day of the year to prove they're the best in hopes of being called the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie says with the title, you're immortalized and starts praising Triple H as fans boo. She says WWE is only as strong as its champion. She says it's unfortunate that everyone has been represented by a B+ champion like Daniel Bryan. A big "yes!" chant breaks out. Stephanie says yes it's true, he is a B+ player. Triple H says Bryan has no heart. They go on and are excited because standing on the stage tonight may very well be the next champion. Stephanie says they're all about opportunity. She asks who will qualify for the match tonight. There will be a battle royal tonight. Triple H says certain Superstars have refused to evolve and they won't be in the battle royal. Those Superstars are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and John Cena. Triple H tells Cena not to get excited. Triple H says Cena lives to help others and mocks him. He says Stephanie promised a match and can't deliver it because Bryan is injured. Triple H says Cena can get a chance to be in the ladder match if he wins a Stretcher Match against Kane tonight. Kane's music hits and Cena looks ready to fight. We see an ambulance back up beside the stage as the roster looks on and Kane's music plays. The Authority looks on and laughs as the stretcher is removed from the ambulance by two EMT's.

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