- We get hype for the next match.

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

James Storm comes to the ring and talks about being a real cowboy in Texas. He knocks the Dallas Cowboys that are at ringside. Storm pours beer on a Cowboys helmet and says he's a Tennessee Titans fan. Storm says if they're anything like their quarterback, he could stand in the ring all night and they wouldn't hit him. Storm says he's sorry about their damn luck and out comes Mr. Anderson to the stage. Anderson hits the ring and they start brawling outside. Anderson takes a drink from someone at ringside and spits it at Storm. They enter the ring and we get the bell. Storm fires back and drops Anderson.

Storm gets the Figure Four in but Anderson turns it over. Storm misses in the corner. Anderson with right hands now. Anderson with more strikes and a swinging neckbreaker. Storm goes to the second rope but Anderson slams him to the mat and covers for 2. More back and forth. Storm kicks Anderson out to the floor and follows. Storm has words with the Cowboys at ringside. Storm spits beer at one of them and they come over the guardrail. Security has a tough time stopping a brawl from happening. Storm finally makes it back in and shoves the referee down. The Cowboys are still fuming and George Selvie comes over. He distracts Storm, allowing Anderson to nail a Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

- After the match, the Cowboys come in the ring to celebrate with Anderson.

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