- We see Team 3D backstage talking about their segment earlier. Devon is going to celebrate Father's Day with his kids and Ray is going to destroy EC3. Ray tells the cameraman, "over my dead body" and says it several times until the fans say it along with him. Ray says EC3 said those words on Impact. Ray says ECW signed his death warrant. Ray brings up the Von Erichs, The Freebirds, Stan Hansen and Terry Funk, all getting pops from the Texas crowd. Ray says Ethan is in for a match that he never expected. Ray tells Ethan to start praying to God. Ray says he's going to crucify Ethan for the sins of his Aunt Dixie and then baptize him in blood.

Texas Death Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray

We go to the ring and out comes Ethan Carter III. Bully Ray is out next and he's got a bull rope. The winner is determined when the other man can't answer a 10 count. The bell rings and they go at it. Ray unloads and tosses Ethan out of the corner. Ray uses the bull rope and keeps control. Ray tosses Ethan over the top and out to the floor.

Fans chant for tables and Ray brings one under the ring. He slides the announcers table back and tells Tenay and Taz that he needs some room. Fans chant "ECW" as Ray pulls the mats back, exposing the concrete. Ray stands up two tables on the concrete. They come back in the ring and a table is propped up in the corner. Ethan takes control as fans chant "we want cow bells" for the bull rope. Ethan brings a chair in the ring and smacks Ray in the back with it several times. Ethan charges with a chair but Ray boots it into his face. Ray takes Ethan to the corner and works him over with chops.

Ray grabs a cheese grater and runs it over Ethan's chest. Ray ends up going down again and Ray brings him back in with a steel chair. Ethan slams Ray's face into the chair a few times. Ethan kicks Ray in the head and positions his head on the chair. Ethan climbs up to the top but Ray meets him. Ray climbs up and superplexes Ethan onto the chair.

Ray grabs a box cutter and cuts the apron off. He pulls the padding back and exposes the wooden boards of the ring. Bully goes for a powerbomb onto the wood but Rockstar Spud runs in and hits Bully with a kendo stick. Ray isn't phased. He grabs it and crotches Spud with the kendo stick and yanks him around. Ray slams Spud. Ethan counters a move and slams Ethan face first into the boards. Ray barely makes it up before the 10 count. Ethan grabs a Dallas Cowboys trash can and pours out a bunch of shards of glass. Ethan stomps them and breaks the shards up into pieces. Ethan comes off the top rope but Ray catches him in mid-air with a Bubba Cutter into the pile of glass. Fans chant "holy s--t" now.

Ethan rolls to the floor and barely makes it up before the count. Ray goes to the floor and drops Ethan with a kendo stick. Ray rolls Ethan onto the tables that he positioned over the exposed concrete earlier. Ray goes to the apron to crash through but out comes Dixie Carter. Dixie tells Ray not to. Ray tells her he's going to kill her, b---h. Ray chases Dixie around the ring. Dixie runs into Ethan and they collide. Dixie goes down and she's out. Ray drops Ethan with a right hand. Fans chant for tables now. Ray grabs Dixie and lays her on top of the tables that's over the exposed concrete. Ray goes back to the apron to splash her but Ethan nails him with a kendo stick. Spud runs over and pulls Dixie to safety as Ray falls forward and crashes through the tables, hitting the concrete. The referee starts counting as fans chant "bulls--t" at what happened. Ray doesn't make it back up and Ethan wins the match.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

- After the match, Dixie gets in Bully's face and yells at him. She also yells at the announcers. Dixie and Spud raise Ethan's arms in victory. Dixie yells about how her blood is Ethan's blood and how we shouldn't mess with the Carters. Dixie, Spud and Ethan leave together as we go to replays.

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