Thanks to readers Nate Padberg and Paul G. for sending these results from last night's WWE live event in Madison, WI:

I got there 45 minutes early and saw a Make a Wish kid arrive in a limo, which was unique and cool to see.

* The Usos defeated Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Solid tag match, these teams have lots of chemistry. The fans chanted "take a shower" at the Wyatt Family as they made their way to the back.

* Rusev defeated R-Truth. Truth put up a good fight, but lost to the Accolade. Tons of heat for the Bulgarian Brute.

* Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater. Rose was busted open hard way during the match. The match was paused as the referee and officials tended to Rose.

* US Champion Sheamus defeated The Miz. The Miz cut a heel promo to start, but kinda stumbled through his words.

* A Fan's choice Divas match was next, and a tag match was voted over a dance off. Nikki Bella & Eva Marie defeated Aksana & Rosa Mendes. There was absolutely no chemistry in this match. Rosa even failed to catch Nikki doing her springboard cross body.

* Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett defeated Big E with the Bullhammer. Barrett cut a heel promo before the match, but we still love him.

los matadores and el torito versus 3MB (slater, mahal, swoggle) finish sees torito pull off swoggles wig and finishes him with a sprinboard moonsault. el torito wears the wig to the back.

* Los Matadores & El Torito defeated 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre & Hornswoggle). Torito hit Hornswoggle with a moonsault to get the win. After the match, Torito wore Hornswoggle's wig to the back.

* John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a No Holds Barred match. Cena hurt his eye early on, but they still went close to 30 minutes. Cena was favoring his eye throughout the match, with Wyatt intentionally stalling. Rowan & Harper get involved, but the Usos came out and chased them off. Steps, chairs, the guardrail and a ladder were used in the match. Cena won by hitting an AA through a table. GREAT match, these two mesh well in the ring. Because of his injury, after the match Cena barely acknowledged the fans and stormed out.

Lots of Cena fans. Kids rushed the guardrails before every entrance and after every match finish.

All in all, great show all around, outside of the diva's match. I hope they can dance better than they wrestle (minus Nikki Bella).

Despite the fans in the parking area trying to goat the superstars for autographs and pics, they refused. It was raining, so I don't blame them!

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