TNA is one week away from one of its biggest pay per views of the year, Slammiversary. In what can be compared to WWE's SummerSlam regarding both levels of importance and being a major summer event, one would think that TNA would grow a notch of intensity when it comes to booking an anticipating and successful show.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like we will get that this year.

The fact that the only titles being defended as of now is the World and Knockouts titles make it clear that the company does not believe the X Division and Tag Team titles are necessary components to create a proper build and showcase on the PPV. The Wolves have done a great job reviving a division that once had the ability to say that it was better than WWE, but the booking has been shrouded by the faction of MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley.

Which brings us to the world title picture.

Many believe that the Eric Young title victory was rushed, and diluted its (not-so-critically-acclaimed) prestige. Although I tend to disagree with that view, as I feel that Young deserved it, having MVP create an alliance just to feed him to EY at the PPV seems a bit desperate. After the feud with Magnus, EY started to feud with Bobby Roode. There is no way that this feud should have lasted only a couple of weeks. Instead of the "Money, Power, Respect" trio vying for the title, they should have been placed in the tag team title hunt. The Wolves vs. Lashley/King would have made much more sense than Joe vs. Lashley and King vs. Aries. Those matches would ahve been better off on an episode of Impact.

Destination X is next, so it appears as if the X Division will be showcased once again. However, I am doubtful that Sanata will get a world title shot, which leaves either Aries (again), or - most likely - Kenny King.

Kenny King vs. Eric Young for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship? I'll pass.

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