The show opens with a recap of last week's show, where Nikki told her family about her secret marriage. Then, things head to Daniel Bryan and Brie's house. They talk about their upcoming wedding. Brie wants Daniel to trim her beard and shape it a bit for the wedding. They try, but then decide against it.

Things head over to Nikki. She calls Natalya and talks to her for a few moments. Then, she talks about how big WrestleMania is. Nikki asks if Natalya has told anyone about her marriage. Natalya says no, but tells her she should get it over with soon.

Then, Trinity and Jon arrive at an arena. It marks her return following her eye injury. Next, Nikki approaches John Cena to tell her about her previous marriage, but she gets cold feet. He can tell that something is up. Footage from Trinity's in-ring return is then shown.

Next, Brie is going with Nikki and her mom to her final dress fitting. Nikki made a deal with Brie to tell John about her marriage before the wedding, but she hasn't done it yet. Nikki gets a call from Brian, a WWE worker, and he talks to her about a shoot for WrestleMania. She gets off the phone, and Brie says she can't go because she was already scheduled to do wedding stuff in Sedona. Her and Nikki argue about it. Brie calls Nikki selfish, and Nikki leaves.

Back from commercial and Stephanie McMahon has the divas together to be part of a fitness DVD she is doing.

Afterwards, the show heads to New Orleans. Brie and Nikki are there for the shoot. Brie sent her mom to Sedona to take care of the wedding stuff. They argue some more about whether or not Brie should be there. They go and get their hair and makeup done. Their mom calls and tells Brie that there are no bathrooms and emu poop all over the ranch where Brie picked to get married. Footage from the shoot is shown.

Next, the Bellas and Natalya are working out in the gym. Apparently, Brie isn't sure if she wants Summer Rae at the wedding. Nikki says that she isn't going to let it happen. They try to convince Brie that she shouldn't invite Summer.

Then, everyone is shown meeting with Mark the talent guy. He announces that Summer is going to be in The Marine 4. Then, he says he has an announcement to make about who will have a match at WrestleMania.

Back from commercial and footage is shown of Vickie Guerrero announcing the Divas Championship Invitational on RAW for WrestleMania.

Stuff heads back to Phoenix. Bryan and Brie are driving to Sedona to do wedding stuff. Brie talks to Bryan about Summer, and how she's unsure if she should invite her. He says that the wedding should be about what they want, not about what other people want. They arrive in Sedona, and their hotel costs $700 a night.

The show goes to Cena's house in Tampa. Nikki get scared of a frog. Nikki is going to try and tell John about her secret wedding when things come back from commercial.

Back from commercial and Nikki chickens out again. Instead, she tells him she's been frustrated about the way Brie has been acting. Then, things head back to Brie and Bryan. They go to tour two places that they're deciding between to get married. They look at the first resort, and then head over to the ranch to tour it. Brie likes the ranch better. They get in the car to leave and argue about how much Brie wants and how much it will cost.

Back from commercial and Bryan and Brie are still talking about their wedding. Bryan gets all romantic. The show heads to New York, and everyone is arriving for the WrestleMania press conference. Then, things head to New Orleans. Everyone arrives at the airport.

The Bellas meet their mom and brother for coffee, and then they walk around the city a bit. Nikki's brother apologizes for how he acted when Nikki told the family about the secret wedding. He suggests they tackle everything together from now on, and then asks how John took the news. She doesn't respond.

Back from commercial and Nikki lies and tells everyone that John took the news well. Everyone says that they feel good Nikki finally told him. Then, Brie approaches Summer at an arena and she tells her that she doesn't want her at her wedding.

Back from commercial and Brie is still talking with Summer. Summer says it hurts, and she didn't think she burned the bridges to the extent she did. Summer says she feels insecure, and she thinks that's she talked bad about people. She just thought that's how things when. Brie gives Summer hug. Summer says she wants to change her ways and prove herself to them.

Next, Natalya and Eva are shown walking backstage. Natalya talks to Eva about what she can expect at WrestleMania to prepare her for it. Then, they head out to an AXXESS fan signing. A preview of next week's season finale is shown as the show ends.

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