Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com War of the Worlds live viewing party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's event, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We open up and we are live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. The place is jammed full and may very well be the biggest ROH card ever.

The Bullet Club comes down to the ring to a big pop. Anderson gets the microphone but is drowned out by AJ Styles chants. Anderson finally speaks and he says that the Bullet Club has arrived. He calls AJ Styles the greatest wrestler on earth and introduces him as the IWGP Champion. AJ takes the mic and loud "F TNA" chants take over the arena. AJ says that they are the Bullet Club, and while some may think he is the leader of the Club, the reality is nobody follows, we all lead.

Kazuchika Okada and Gedo come down to the ring. They get right in AJ's face and AJ uses Anderson to translate for them. Anderson says that Gedo just said that The Rainmaker can beat him. AJ says a month ago he proved that he could not beat him. He says that he has his hands full with Elgin tonight, so he can't deal with Okada tonight. Elgin then comes down to the ring alone. Elgin says a few weeks ago, he thought he was wrestling Okada tonight, but now he is wrestling AJ. He says he has a better idea. He calls Nigel McGuinness out and demands that the match become a triple threat match. The crowd goes wild at this thought.

McGuinness comes out and talks to the chairman of NJPW, Nigel grabs the mic and says that the only way to make this work is to make it a three way match. Nihel asks if it is okay with Okada and Elgin, and they agree immediatly. AJ is asked the same question, but he needs to huddle up with the Bullet Club to discuss it. He emerges from the huddle and says the Bullet Club is game. Nigel announces that tonight it will be Okada vs Elgin vs AJ for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

We go to Corino and Kelly and they talk about how bold Elgin is in making this match a triple threat match. Takaaki Wantanabe and Forever Hooligans come down for their six man tag match. ACH comes done by himself first, and then Matt Taven comes down. Tomaso Ciampa is the last one out of the curtain.

Tomaso Ciampa, Matt Taven and ACH vs Takaaki Wantanabe and Forever Hooligans

Ciampa and Kozlov start things of. Kozlov goes for a handshake but Ciampa doesn't bite. Kozlov with a side headlock followed by a shoulder tackle. Ciampa gets up and answers with one of his own. Matt Taven comes in and Kozlov tags in Rocky Romero. They lock up and Romero hits a dropkick. He hits a kick in the chest and runs into a big boot by Taven, who follows it up with a missile dropkick. Romero gives him a hard right and eats an enzughiri for a two count.

Taven tags in ACH who comes off the top with a double axe handle. Romero tags in Wantanabe who scores with a shoulder tackle but eats a dropkick. The Hooligans run in and ACH has a dropkick for both of them. Wantanabe drags him down from the outside and starts stomping away on ACH as the Hooligans brawl with Ciampa and Taven. Thins settle back down and Romero comes in. A scoop slam and a splash by a tagged in Kozlov get him a two count. Kozlov hits a suplex and gets his Russian hat on. He does his dance/kick combo and stomps ACH in the head for a two count. Wantanabe comes in and hits a huge scoop slam on ACH for another two count.

ACH goes back into the enemy corner and Romero comes in and pounds away on ACH. Romero taunts the crowd and hits a running clothsline. He tries it again, but ACH cuts him off with a uranage slam. Ciampa gets the tag and him and a tagged in Kozlove go at it. Ciampa hits a german suplex and knocks Romero off the top rope. Ciamia hits two running knees on Romero and a Samoan Drop on Kozlov for a two count. Taven comes in and misses a spin kick and eats an enzughiri. Wantanabe and Romero come in and take out Ciampa and ACH. Wantanabe and the Hooligans triple team Taven. ACH and Romero then go at it, and Romero hits a kick to the face on Romoero. Ciampa comes in and hits a knee strike on Romero and a lariat on Kozlov. Wantanabe hits a rolling forearm on Ciampa, but ACH hits a double stomp to the back of the head. ACH then hits a huge running step up no-hands front senton onto the Hooligans. Taven comes in and hits the Climax on Wantanabe and gets the three count.

Winners: ACH, Tomaso Ciampa and Matt Taven

We get a video recap of The Decade taking out Cedric Alexander from last week.

The Decade come down, escorted by their "young boy" Adam Page. Whitmer and Strong will be wrestling this match for The Decade. Jado and Gedo are out next.

BJ Whitmer and Roderick Strong vs Gedo and Jado

Strong and Whitmer jump them to start and tee off on Jado and Gedo. They fight out of it and hit a double team move on Whitmer. Strong comes in and they double team him as well. Things settle back down and Gedo and Strong square off. Strong gets the better of him and tags in Whitmer. Whitmer slaps Gedo in the face. Strong comes back in and hits a backbreaker and flexes to the crowd. Strong locks in an abdominal stretch. Gedo fights out of it, but Strong cuts him off from tagging in Jado and tags in Whitmer. Whitmer continues the assault on Gedo and hits a snap suplex for a two count. Strong comes back in and locks in a rear chin lock. The crowd gets behind Gedo and he tries to fight out again, but Strong cuts him off a second time and keeps beating him down.

Whitmer comes in and hits a high elbow for another two count. Whitmer locks in a rear chinlock and again Gedo fights out of it. Whitmer lifts him up and hits a scoop slam. Whitmer climbs the top rope and misses an elbow drop. Gedo hits a snap suplex on Whitmer and both men are down. Jado and Strong come in and Jado cleans house with a back drop suplex. Whitmer comes in and they try to double team him but Gedo fights them both off. Gedo locks in a crossface on Strong, but Whitmer breaks it up. Whitmer breaks it up and Jado desposes of him outside the ring. Gedo comes in and hits a superkick on Strong for a two count. They go for a double team move, but The Decade cut them off and single out Gedo. Gedo eats a back suplex and Whitmer goes for a splash mountain bomb, but Gedo fights out of it. Jado nails Strong with a chair behind the refs back, Gedo goes for the cover but Strong kicks out. Whitmer comes in and takes out Gedo. Strong hits a double gut buster, Whitmer hits a lariat and strong nails the sick kick and gets the three count.

Winners: BJ Whitmer and Roderick Strong

After the match, a taped up Cedric Alexander comes out and takes out Strong and Whitmer. Jacobs gets involved and Alexander fights them off. Security comes in and separates the guys.

KUSHIDA comes out for his TV Title Match. Jay Lethal with Truth Martini come out next.

Match for ROH Television Championship: Jay Lethal vs KUSHIDA

They start off and KUSHIDA locks in a headlock and then hits a shoulder block and then Lethal hits dropkick. They both do some crazy fast moves the don't result in anything but look really cool. Lethal ducks out of the ring and talks to Martini while KUSHIDA pumps it up in the ring. Lethal comes back in and they lock up and they tussle into the ropes. Lethal neglects to do a clean break and stomps KUSHIDA into the mat. KUSHIDA comes back and hits a high dropkick and sends Lethal to the outside. KUSHIDA chases him around the ring and KUSHIDA starts to go after MArtini, but Lethal comes in and hits a baseball slide on KUSHIDA. Lethal taunts the crowd and bounces KUSHIDA's head off the apron. Lethal dumps KUSHIDA back into the ring and they both get up. KUSHIDA cuts him off and goes for a top rope move, but KUSHIDA is caught on the rope in the tree of woe.

Lethal nails him several times and unhooks him. Lethal hits a snapmare and locks in a rear chin lock. KUSHIDA fiths out of it and kicks Lethal in the face and then hits him several more times before hitting a springboard clothesline and then a high elbow, a lariat and then a standing moonsault for a two count. KUSHIDA hits a body slam and goes to the top. Lethal gets his knees up and blocks the moonsault by KUSHIDA and gets a two count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination, but KUSHIDA knocks him to the outside. Kushida climbs the turnbuckle and hits a monster tope con forearm off the top rope onto Lethal. Lethal tries to get back in the ring, but KUSHIDA hits him with a dropkick to the face and then a revolution DDT. KUSHIDA goes for the cover but Truth pulls the ref out of the ring. The ref sends Truth to the back and KUSHIDA hits a german suplex and and then a double axe handle. They brawl some more and Lethal chain wresltes in the LEthal Combination for a two count.

Lethal climbs to the top rope, but KUSHIDA catches him and meets him at the top. KUSHIDA and Lethal go way up and KUSHIDA hits a sky-high frankensteiner from the top rope for a near fall. KUSHIDA and Lethal both trade blows and KUSHIDA gets the better of it. Lethal cuts him off and nails an enzughiri. Lethal chops him into the ropes and hits a superkick. He hits the Lethal Injection and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Champion: Jay Lethal

It should be noted that during this match, Steve Corino made about every offensive joke about Japanese people imaginable. Very uncomfortable moment.

The Briscoes come out for their IWGP World Tag Team Title match against The Bullet Club. Anderson and Gallows come out next.

Match for IWGP World Tag Team Championsip: The Briscoes vs Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows

The crowd impressively is split between the two teams. They both start brawling and Doc hits a huge body drop on Mark, but Jay comes in and makes the save. They clear the ring and Jay hits a big senton on the outside to Anderson and Gallows. Mark hits an elbow drop from the apron onto Anderson. They keep brawling on the outside. Anderson hits a european uppercut on Mark and they trade blows while Jay and Gallows work on the other side of the ring. They keep brawling on the outside of the ring and Gallows gets thrown into the timekeepers table. Gallows goes back in the ring and catches Mark Briscoe with a big boot and then an elbow drop. He pounds Mark in the corner and tags in Anderson.

Anderson hits a snapmare and then repeated knees to the face of Mark for a two count. Mark fights out of it and hits a vertical suplex. Gallows takes out Jay on the tag and pounds down Mark in the corner. Anderson comes back in and Mark and him trade blows. Anderson goes for the ten fists in the corner and bites Briscoe in the forehead. He sits him on the top rope and goes for a suplex. Mark fights out of it and knocks Anderson off the top with a headbut. Mark dives across from the top and tags in Jay. Jay comes in and lights Anderson up with right hands. He knocks Gallows down and Mark hits a running reverse neckbreaker on Gallows on the outside off the apron. Jay hits a neckbreaker on Anderson in the ring and gets a two count.

Jay gets him up in a firemans carry, but Anderson hits him with several european uppercuts and Gallows back drops Mark Briscoe onto the floor. Back in the ring, Jay goes for the J-Driller, but Gallows cuts him off and they double team Jay. Gallows hits a running splash, and then they connect on a double team, facebuster/running boot combo. Mark comes back in and cleans house. He cuts Gallows down with a series of chops and gets the tag from Jay. He boots Anderson into the corner and him and Jay double team Anderson. Mark climbs to the top and hits the froggy-bow for a two count.

They signal for the Doomsday Device, but Gallows nails Jay, and Anderson hits an ace crusher on Mark. They hit a double team facebuster/neckbreaker combo and get the three count.

Winners and STILL Champions: Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson

After the match both teams shake hands. Jay and Doc get into it a little bit, but Mark breaks them up and they leave the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura comes out first for the next match and gets a big ovation from the crowd. Steen is out next.

Kevin Steen vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Crowd chants "this is awesome" before the match starts. They shake hands and Steen hits big right hand and they go nose to nose. They trade blows and Nakamura knocks him back into the corner and does the electric face wash in the corner. Steen gets up and says some things to Nakamura. Nakamura goes for a kick, but STeen catches his leg and hits a huge chop and then a shoulder tackle onto Nakamura. Steen works him into the corner and hits a back suplex for a two count. Steen hits an impressive dropkick and gets another two count. Steen brings him up and chops him again and takes him to the outside. Steen teases going outside, but Nakamura gets out of the way. Steen tries to come over anyways and Nakamura gets out of the way.

Nakamura throws him into the barricade and then hits a running knee to the back of his head. Nakamura tries for a knee drop on the apron, but Steen dodges it and then hits a powerbomb onto the apron. Both men struggle into the ring to beat the count. They trade blows in the ring and they go nose to nose again. Steen lights him up with a series of forearms, but Nakamura gets an enzughiri to go. They brawl into the corner, and Steen hits a rope-assisted DDT and then a senton for a two count. Steen signals for cannonball run, but misses and Nakamura does the electric facewash and then misses a running knee into the corner. Steen does the electric facewash himself and hits the cannonball for a two count.

Nakarmua connects with a kick to the face and then several knee strikes into the corner and sets Steen up on the top. Nakamura knees Steen in the gut and pushes him off the top and goes for the pin for a two count. Nakamura hits two more knee strikes and locks in a sleeper hold. Steen fights out of it, but Nakamura is able to re-apply it and brings Steen down to one knee. Steen gets out of it again and hits a brainbuster. The ref counts both men and Steen is up first and goes for the package piledriver. Nakamura powers out of it and hits a double lungblower and then a reverse exploding suplex. He goes for the shining wizard, but Steen connects with a pop-up powerbomb for a two count.

Nakamura backs him into the corner and sits Steen on the top. He goes for a superplex, but Steen powers it into a super falcon arrow for a two count. Steen calls for the package piledriver, but Nakamura slips out and hits a flying knee strike and then a shining wizard. He goes for the cover, but Steen pops out at one and gets right back up, Nakamura hits the ropes and delivers a second knee strike and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Steen awaits in the ring and grabs the mic. Steen says he has to make this quick because he thinks his jaw is dislocated. He says he has been in ROH for a long time, and one of the things he thinks people like about him is he is really genuinely. He says because of that it would be a lie to say he was happy here all the time, because he wasn't. He says through the highs and the lows, he has always genuinely loved this place. Someone says "F You" and Steen calls the guy out. The crowd chants asshole and the guy leaves the arena.

Steen says that he has just lost two big matches, and those two losses and what he has felt for the last year and coupled with the fact that he has a family at home he needs to take care of. The bottomline is it is time for him to step away for a little bit. The crowd chants "No!" and Steen says its a good catchphrase but it isn't going to change his mind. He is about to say he loves the NYC crowd, but Silas Young comes out.

Young gets in the ring and says that he wants to apologize for interrupting him. He says that he agrees with the fans, no, no, no. He says that they have a world champion that looks like a lady-boy, tag champions that look like they came off a Disney show, and a TV champion who runs around with a fruit. Silas says Steen is the only other real man in the locker room. Young calls him a p---y for quitting and thanking these fans. He says that he can quit, and maybe his son will grow up to be a quitter like him. Steen turns around and nails Young and they brawl in the ring as security drags them apart. They take Young out of the ring and Steen hits a senton off the ropes onto all of the security, but Young walks away unscathed to the back.

We then go to intermission. During intermission, we see the end of a match between Jushin Thunder Liger and Bryan Danielson. Adam Cole cuts a promo on Jushin Liger and we see the end of a match between Elgin and Styles from Baltimore. Michael Bennett is shown and he talks about retiring Jerry Lynn and Lance Storm. He has beaten the best, and tonight, he is going to beat Tanahashi tonight.

We come back from the break and Nigel McGuinness has joined the announce team. Bennett comes down and he is wearing a shirt that says "Eat, Sleep, Beat Tanahashi, Repeat." Tanahashi comes down to a big pop.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Michael Bennett

Bennett talks smack to Tanahashi and ducks out of the ring and makes out with Maria at ringside. Bennett mocks Tanahashi and gets back into the ring. They lock up and Tanahashi backs him into the ropes. Maria grabs his leg and Bennett takes advantage and levels Tanahashi. Tanahashi quckly reversed it and hits a arm drag and a dropkick. He follows it up with a scoop slam and climbs the second rope, but Bennett hits a side kick to the chest and knocks him to the chest. Bennett boots him in the face and tosses him into the guardrails. He does it again and tries it again, but Tanahashi reverses it and hits a cross body, knocking him into the guradrail. Bennett tries to crawl away and hides behind Maria and pushes her forward. Tanahashi catches her, but Bennett comes through and hits a clothesline.

Bennett takes Tanahashi back into the ring and covers him for a two count. Bennett kicks him in the face and tosses Tanahashi by the hair to the side. He chokes Bennett in the ropes and covers him again for a two count. Bennett catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and gets a two count. Bennett charges in and Tanahashi hits him with a dropkick to Bennett's knee. Tanahashi hits a flying forearm, a high elbow and then a cross body block. Tanahashi slams him down and hits a senton atomico from the second rope for a two count. Tanahashi goes for a cloverleaf and Maria gets on the ropes and distracts Tanahashi. Tanahashi lets go and Bennett bumps Maria off the apron. Tanahashi goes for it again, but Maria comes back in.

Tanahashi lets go of the hold and puts Maria in the cloverleaf. Bennett hits a superkick and then a spinebuster on Tanahashi for a two count. He sits Tanahashi on the top ropes an goes for a superplex. Tanahashi fights out of it and knocks Bennett down. Tanahashi goes for hi-fly-flo but Bennett gets the knees up. Bennett hits a spear and only gets two on the pinfall attempt. Bennett locks in the anaconda vice on Tanahashi. Tanahashi rolls up Bennett, but the ref is distracted by Maria, who starts making out with the referee. Bennett hits a piledriver on Tanahashi and the Maria lets the ref to count the fall, but Tanahashi kicks out at two.

Bennett brings him to the apron and goes for the piledriver on the apron. Tanahashi gets out of it and hits a huge german supplex on the apron. Tanahashi climbs to the top and hits a crossbody to Bennett on the outside. Tanahashi tosses him back into the ring and hits the hi-fli-flo onto Bennett for the three count.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tanahashi celebrates in the ring as the crowd chants "Please come back."

reDragon come out for their tag team title match. Escorting them to the ring is UFC competitor Tom Lawlor. The Young Bucks come out and they get a big pop from the crowd.

Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks vs reDragon

Before the match starts The Young Bucks nail Lawlor with a low blow and take out Fish. They double team O'Rielly and hit the double back rake on both of them. They hit dives to the outside and Matt Jackson climbs to the top rope, but Lawlor shakes the rope and Matt is hung on the top. Fish hits Matt Jackson with a knee to the back and they double team him. THey hit a bakcbreaker/knee drop combo for a two count. Jackson fights out of it and O'Rielly locks in an armbar, but Matt is able to get into the ropes. He hits a shoulderbreaker and tags in Fish and Fish's awesome facial hair. Fish hits a helio on Matt for a two count. An arm wringer and a tag into O'Rielly who continues the beat down. Matt catches him charging in with the boot and frees himself and tries for the tag, but Lawlor had pulled Nick from the apron.

O'Reilly hits a Reagalplex for a two count and tags in Fish. Fish goes for a hanstand on the turnbuckle but Fish eats a ace crusher and Nick comes in. Nick clears house but Fish cuts him off. Nick hits a kick to Fish and then a tornado DDT off the apron to the outside to O'Rielly. He hits a the springboard facebuster for a two count. He hits a moonsault on the outside, but Fish catches him and rushes him into the guardrail. Matt hits a spear on Fish, and O'Rielly comes across the apron and tries a running knee, but Nick catches him with a superkick.

The bucks doubleteam Fish in the ring with a series of high impact moves. O'Rielly comes in and he eats a superkick. They hit their unique tombstone/superkick combo and get a two count. Both of them size up Fish, but O'Rielly catches them off and hits a double dragon screw. Matt goes to the outside and O'Rielly nails a running knee off the apron. Back in the ring, Fish hits a super falcon arrow onto Matt for a two count. Nick comes back and nails Fish and Matt nails O'Rielly. O'Rielly locks in a guillotine choke on Matt, but Nick breaks it up with a crazy 450 splash. Nick then dives to the outside onto Fish. They go for More Bang for Your Buck on O'Reilly, but O'Reilly catches Matt Jackson going for the 450 splash with a crazy triangle choke. Nick breaks it up, but they dispose of him quickly. They connect on Enter the Dragon, but Matt kicks out at two. O'Rielly goes into an armbar, and Matt has no choice but tap out.

Winner and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: reDragon

The last match was so fast paced that you really can't get a good idea of what it was like unless you watched it. Very, very, very very good match.

ROH produces a special introduction for Liger. It is mainly a compilation of highlights and he comes to the ring for a huge pop. Adam Cole is out next to a chorus of boos.

Match for ROH World Championship: Adam Cole vs Jushin Thunder Liger

They shake hands to start. They lock up and Liger locks in a head scissors and then a hammerlock. He keeps Cole on the ground and locks in a headlock. Cole fights out of it and Liger completely outclasses Cole and Cole ducks out of the ring. Liger takes him out with a baseball slide, and then hits a cross body off the apron. Liger rolls Cole back in and locks in a surfboard. He changes it into a dragon sleeper and Cole fight out of it. Liger goes back into an abdominal stretch. Liger switches it into a rocking horse, and Cole wiggles to the ropes and breaks it by biting the rope. Liger applies an indian deathlock and Cole hits an elbow to the head to break the hold.

Liger hits some chops on Cole, but Cole ducks outside again. Liger misses with a baseball slide, and Cole unloads with a superkick. He throws Liger back into the ring and hammers away on Liger with right hands. He hooks the leg for a two count. Cole hits a snapmare and applies a rear chinlock. The crowd chants for Liger and he fights up to his feet and elbows his way out it, but Cole takes his hair and drags him back down. Cole hits a hard irishwhip into the corner and hits another one. Cole hammers Liger in the corner, but Liger explodes out of the corner with a rolling savate kick. Liger hits a running palm strike and sets Cole up and hits a supercanrana for a two count.

Liger goes for a brainbuster, but Cole blocks it and hits an enzughiri and a shining wizard for a two count. Cole pulls down his knee pad, but Liger gets up and nails a lariat. Liger climbs the top rope and hits a splash from the top for a two count. Liger connects with a brainbuster for a two count. Liger sits Cole on the top rope again, but Cole knocks him off the top. Cole comes off the top with a sunset flip for a two count. Cole hits a kick to the knee and then the figure fou r is applied.

Liger struggles in the hold and eventually gets to the ropes. Cole signals for the Florida Key, but Liger reverses it and goes for the Liger Bomb, but Cole slips out and hits a superkick for a near fall. Cole goes right back into the figure four, and Liger submits.

Winner and STILL Champion: Adam Cole

After the match, both men look at each other and the crowd thanks Liger. Liger hobbles over and extends his hand to Cole. Cole just raises his title belt and leaves the ring.

Michael Elgin comes out first for the main event. Okada comes out next in full Rainmaker get up and the crowd goes wild. AJ comes out last, and he is alone for his title defense.

Match for IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs Michael Elgin vs Kazuchika Okada

The match starts and Okada opens up on AJ. Elgin hits a big boot on AJ and Okada dropkicks him out of the ring. Okada and Elgin sqaure up and they trade holds. Okada locks in a top wrist lock and Elgin escapes and backs him into the ropes for a clean break. Okada hits a big kick to the face and they collide in the ring with neither man going down. Elgin catches Okada with a high elbow and Elgin goes for a stall suplex. AJ kicks Elgin down, but Elgin powers through and still holds Okada up. AJ chop blocks Elgin down and he collapses with Okada on top of him.

AJ hits a moonsault onto Okada and then a backbreaker onto Elgin. AJ works on Elgin's leg. Elgin punches his way out of it, but AJ keeps working on his calf. AJ kicks him in the inside of the calf. Elgin tries to give himself some space and he does. AJ is on the apron and Elgin deadlift lifts him onto the top rope. Okada comes up behind Elgin and dropkicks both of them off the top rope and to the outside. Okada springboards to the outside and takes out Elgin. He hits a DDT on Elgin on the floor and goes and meets AJ in the ring. Okada slams him down and hits a helio for a one count.

Okada pounds away on AJ and hits a huge backdrop and then locks in a modified figure four. AJ scoots over to the ropes and breaks the hold. Okada knocks Elgin off the apron and goes over to AJ who tries a small package for a two count. They both get up and Okada hits a flapjack for a two count. OKada locks in a rear chinlock and lets go to meet Elgin on the top rope. Elgin shoves Okada off, but AJ cuts him off and goes to the top floor. Elgin dumps him off as well and hits a double shoulder tackle off the top onto both men. He tries to powerbomb Okada but AJ kicks him in the head. Elgin nails AJ and lifts up Okada in a firemans carry. He also picks up AJ and hits a fall-away slam/samoan drop combo. He nails both men with elbows and tosses AJ into Okada with a spear. He hits a deadlift german suplex for a two count on AJ.

ELgin hits a big boot to Okada nad tries a running knee, but Okada catches him with his modified neckbreaker. Okada goes into the corner, but Elgin hits him with an STO and then hits a double stabber on AJ from the top rope. He calls for the Elgin bomb, but Okada hits a big firemans suplex for a two count. Okada goes for a tombstone, but Elgin reverses it and hits a tombstone piledriver of his own. He goes for the cover, but he grabs his knee. AJ comes in and rolls into a calf killer on Elgin. Okada breaks up the hold and hits a nasty DDT on AJ for a two count. Okada goes to the top rope and hits a huge elbow drop. Elgin tries a backslide for a two count and hits a bunch of forearms on Okada. Elgin hits a huge lariat on Okada, who rolls out of the ring. Elgin goes over to the turnbuckle and tries the deadlift superplex on Okada. He gets him up nails it. AJ comes in and nails a 450 splash out of nowhere onto Elgin and he escapes with a two count.

AJ and Okada trade blows and AJ hits the Pele kick on Okada. He goes for Styles Clash but Okada fights out and catches him with the tombstone. Okada calls for the Rainmaker, but Elgin cuts him off with a discus forearm for a two count. Elgin hits the buckle bomb and then hits several knee strikes, but runs into the Rainmaker. AJ comes in and hits nails Okada withe the springboard forearm, knocking him out of the ring. AJ gets Elgin up and hits the Styles Clash to get the three count.

Winner and STILL World Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Adam Cole runs in and smashes AJ, Okada and Elgin with the ROH World Title. He says he is the best in the world as the show goes off the air.

After the PPV went off the air, we see a vingentte of Christopher Daniels drinking an Appletini. He says he is coming back, and a mystery person is shown slapping hands with him. Daniels says he isn't coming alone.

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