- Tonight's WWE Main Event opens up with Renee Young and Sheamus in the ring. Heyman doesn't want Sheamus' name spoke in the same sentence as a Paul Heyman Guy. He starts bragging about The Undertaker's Streak being ended by Brock Lesnar. WWE United States Champion Sheamus interrupts and comes to the ring.

Sheamus reminds Heyman who is and that he's champion. Sheamus says he's going to kick Heyman's face in if he doesn't get out of the ring in 5 seconds. Heyman says Sheamus can't act like this in front of a lady. Sheamus asks Renee to leave the ring and Heyman pleads with her. Sheamus starts counting to 5. Heyman dares Sheamus to kick him in the face. Heyman runs out of the ring right before the 5 count. Cesaro suddenly attacks Sheamus from behind and nails the Neutralizer. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing but Heyman stops him and fans boo. They leave the ring as Sheamus tries to recover. Heyman said he stopped Cesaro from doing the Swing so there's something left of Sheamus for later tonight. Heyman says Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and will teach Sheamus why he's the main event tonight. Cesaro's music hits and Sheamus looks on pissed off.

- Still to come, Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow. We go to Network commercials.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

Back from the break and out comes Damien Sandow. Sandow takes the mic and says since he can't get a mic backstage, he'll have to take one out here. He says there are people who don't want to hear what he has to say but suddenly he's interrupted by Ziggler's music and out he comes.

Sandow takes control after some back and forth in and out of the ring. Sandow with a 2 count. He stomps and drops several knees before showing off to the crowd some. Ziggler tries to fight back. Sandow runs into an elbow. Sandow counters and beats Ziggler down with more elbows. Ziggler makes another comeback but Sandow goes for a leg submission. Ziggler finally makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Sandow drops more knees. Ziggler nails a Zig Zag out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Emma vs. Alicia Fox

We come back from Network commercials and out comes Emma. Alicia Fox is out next.

Alicia takes the mic. She says she's kind of surprised Emma showed up and immediately slaps her. Alicia goes to work on Emma but the referee backs her off after the cheap shot. Alicia with more stomps until the bell finally rings. Alicia with a backbreaker. Alicia picks up Emma and just tosses her through the ropes and out to the floor.

Alicia throws her into the barrier. Emma comes back in the ring and has one of her moves blocked. Alicia talks trash and keeps Emma down. Emma rolls her up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Emma

- After the match, Emma leaves the ring but Alicia attacks her. Emma is just trying to get away and finally does. Alicia argues with the referee. Alicia says she's underrated. Alicia goes to ringside and apologizes to a crew member and Tony Chimel. She mushes and slaps Chimel around. She says she loves him. She alps the crew member also. She comes over and messes with Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips also. Now she jumps up and down on the announcers table after demanding they give her their money. She shoves paper in their match and knocks them over in their chairs. She stomps on top of the table some more. She stomps back in the ring and fans boo.

- We see Sheamus backstage walking. Renee approaches him for comment. Sheamus says it won't be a match, it will be a fight tonight.

- We get a look at what happened to Daniel Bryan on RAW.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Sheamus for a non-title match. They cut to Network commercials.

We come back and Cesaro is out with Paul Heyman. They brawl to start the match as Heyman looks on. Cesaro rolls to the floor for a breather and some advice from Heyman. Sheamus waits but finally runs out. He chases Cesaro in the ring. Sheamus pulls Cesaro out and sends him into the steps. Sheamus brings Cesaro back in but Cesaro goes right back to the floor with Heyman. Cesaro runs up on the apron with uppercuts. A third knocks Sheamus off his feet and onto the ropes. Cesaro with a DDT on the ropes and the apron. Cesaro works Sheamus into the corner now. Sheamus turns it around and unloads. Sheamus with the high knee in the corner. Sheamus goes to the apron and comes back in with a battering ram for a 2 count. Sheamus with the forearm shots to the chest on the apron now.

Sheamus suplexes Cesaro back in for a 2 count. Cesaro comes back with big uppercuts and a pin attempt. We come back from a quick break and Cesaro is in control, hitting Sheamus with an elbow. Sheamus fights back out of the corner with forearms. Cesaro with more uppercuts. Cesaro with a big kick to the face. More back and forth. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker but can't get the win. Another big slam and pin attempt by Sheamus. Sheamus goes for more forearms on the apron but it's blocked. Cesaro blocks White Noise and a Brogue Kick. Cesaro with a German suplex for 2. Cesaro goes for a Neutralizer but it's blocked with White Noise for a 2 count. Cesaro ducks a Brogue and drops Sheamus over the top rope. Cesaro goes to the top but Sheamus knocks him out to the floor. Sheamus leaps out and takes Cesaro back down. Cesaro dumps Sheamus over into the timekeeper's area. They continue brawling around the ringside area. They tumble over the barrier and continue to brawl until they both get counted out.

- After the bell, they continue brawling around ringside and back into the ring. Heyman gets in the way and tries to get Cesaro to safety. Cesaro ends up eating a Brogue Kick. Heyman and Cesaro regroup on the floor as Sheamus celebrates with fans and Main Event goes off the air.

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