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Michael Bennett and ACH come down to the ring and are going to open the show.

Michael Bennett vs ACH

The bell rings and they lock up and Bennett muscles him into the corner. ACH hits a kick to the knee and backs Bennett off. They sqaure up again and ACH kicks him again and then backs off. They go at it again and Bennett hits a stiff right hand but then eats a dropkick to the knee for a two count. ACH continues to work on the knee and gets another two count.

ACH attacks again with the knee and hits a boot to the face. Bennett is tossed to the outside and ACH springs out of the way but eats a spinebuster onto the outside. Bennett crawls up and tosses ACH back into the ring. Bennett gets a two count and then hits a knee to the back. Bennett drops an elbow to the back and then gets a two count. ACH gets to the corner, but Bennett hard irish whips him across the ring and into the other buckle. Bennett picks him up and goes for a uranage, but ACH fights out of it with kicks and hits the ropes, but Bennett catches him with a big urange slam for a two count.

Bennett taunts ACH and goes for a twist of fate, but ACH counters with some more kicks to the knee and then hits a dragon screw. ACH ties Bennett in the corner and hits an enzughiri and hits a double stomp onto the knee for a two. Maria distracts ACH and Bennett hits a superkick on ACH on the apron. Bennett tries to spear ACH, but he moves out of the way and spears Maria off of the apron! ACH is back in the ring and he hits a step-up no hands senton on the outside. ACH rolls him back into the ring and climbs the top rope. ACH goes for the 450 but lands on his feet as Bennett rolled out of the way. Bennett nails a spear on the two for a two count.

ACH counters a hammerlock and gets a roll up for a two count. He kicks Bennett again and climbs the ropes. Bennett knocks him off and hits the Dominator on ACH to get the three cout.

Winner: Michael Bennett

Bennett talks smack to Hiroshi Tanahashi, his opponent next Sunday at War of the Worlds and says he will go to any lengths to win, and carries Maria out of the arena on his shoulder.

We get a recap of Michael Elgin defeating Kevin Steen to become the number one contender for the IWGP world title.

Takaai Wantanabe hits the ring and Michael Elgin follows him out to the ring

Michael Elgin vs Takaai Wantanabe

They shake hands to start and Elgin gets a big ovation from his hometown Toronto crowd. Elgin locks him up into the ropes and gives a clean break. They exchange shoulder blocks and neither moves. Elgin knocks him down but is sent into the turnbuckle and Wantanabe hits a big scoop slam. Elgin hits a elbow smash and then a powerslam on Wantanabe for a two count. Elgin calls for a stall suplex and hits it after a 30 second delay. Elgin goes for the cover but hits a two count.

Elgin hits a knee lift and boots Wantanabe in the face. Elgin hits a knee to the back and hits a second one and then locks on the rear chin lock. Wantanabe fights up and gains seperation via a jawbreaker. He charges at Elgin, who catches him with a hige uranage slam. Elgin goes up but misses a huge twisting senton. Wantanabe hits the rope and hits a running neckbreaker. Wantanabe goes for a backdrop driver, but Elgin fights out with an enzughi and then a leaping double stabber. Wantanabe fights up and hits a Saito suplex for a two count.

Elgin goes up with a firemans carry, but he slips out and hits a big forearm smash to the back of Wantanabe's head and hits a deadlift german suplex for a two count. Elgin goes over to the turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Wantanabe counters and kicks him with an enzughiri and then a lungblower. Wantanabe goes for a axe handle, but eats a backfist. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb and then the Elgin bomb for a three count.

Winner: Michael Elgin

The Decade come out and it will be Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer representing them in this six man match. Tadarius Thomas is with them as well. reDRagon comes out, followed by the Briscoe Brothers.

Triple Threat Tag Match: The Decade vs reDragon vs The Briscoe Brothers

Kyle O'Reilly and Mark Briscoe start the match. They lock up and Briscoe nails Fish on the outside and is hit by O'Reilly. Fish comes in but gets leveled by Mark who tags in Jay and nails a bunch of lefts on Fish. Fish gets out of the ring and he is followed by both brothers. Fish tags in Whitmer who nails Jay and clotheslines Fish out of the ring. he goes to work on Jay, who reverses the hold and tags in Mark.

Mark hits a big chop on Whitmer and brings his brother back in. Jay hits a running kick in the corner on Whitmer and hits a left that floors Whitmer. Jay hits the ropes but Jacobs kicks him and Whitmer hits a spinebuster. Jacobs comes in and they doubleteam Jay. Jacobs goes for a cover and gets a two count. Jacobs tags in Whitmer and he powerbombs Jacobs onto Briscoe and gets a two count. Whiter tossess him into their corner and they continue the doubleteam. Jay fights out of it, but Jacobs hits a flying forearm and Fish tags himself in. Fish hits a snap suplex for a two count. A snapmare takedown happens into an adominal stretch. Jay fights out of it and O'Reilly comes in. O'Reilly hits a leg sweep and Jay brawls out of the corner and makes the tag to Mark. Mark comes in and cleans house and hits a huge dropkick on O'Reilly and then an enzuhiri onto Fish. Jacobs and Whitmer come in after Jacobs tags O'Rielly and things break down. Fish hits a samoan drop on Jay and Whitmer hits a clothesline on Fish. Jacobs and Whitmer hit their finsiher, the "All Seeing Eye" and get a two count when Mark Briscoe breaks it up and clears the ring.

Jay comes in and hits a gorrila press on Jacobs and the Briscoes hits the doomsday device for the three count.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers

After the match reDRagon complain to Kevin Kelly and Corino on commentary about the refereeing of the match.

We get a recap of Cedric Alexander and Rodrick Strong's feud over the last few weeks. Mainly, Strong is mad at Alexander for stealing his move set, and Strong and The Decade are upset for having no respect for the Ring of Honor veterans.

Strong is in the ring and he calls out Alexander. Alexander obliges and its time.

Cedric Alexander vs Rodrick Strong

They start out hot and Alexander nails a diving elbow smash out of the ring. He lights up Strong on the outside and bounces his head off the apron before throwing him back into the ring. Alexander chops away on Strong in the corner and works him into the turnbuckle. Alexander goes to work and puts the boots to Strong in the corner. Strong gets up and hits a high elbow smash and then some knees to the gut. Strong whips him across the ring, but Alexander counters with a boot. Strong knocks Alexander off the top rope using the referee and then tees off on Alexander, who is tied in a revers Tree of Woe.

Strong dumps him back in the ring and stomps away in Alexander and does an old school burnout on his face. Strong scores with a boot to the stomach and works him into the corner and hits a running knee. Strong looks at the crowd and hits a series of chops into the chest. Strong hits a snap suplex and gets a two count. Strong locks in a rear chinlock and fishooks Alexander's face. Alexander fights up with rights and lefts and then hits a jawbreaker. Strong hits the ropes and nails a dropkick for a two count. Standard backbreaker by Strong and he poses to the crowd. Strong continues to stomp on Alexander.

Strong brings Alexander up, who fights out, but is cut off by another dropkick. Strong locks in an abdominal stretch and Alexander tries to fight out, but Strong hits a modified back suplex backbreaker. Strong backs off and taunts to the ring. Alexander hits a few shots and then an arm drag and connects with a 540 enzughiri. Both men struggle to their feet and trade blows in the ring. Alexander gets the better of him and hits a clothesline and a high elbow. Alexander headbutts Strong into the ground and goes to the outside and hits a huge springboard clothesline for a two count.

Alexander hits a mule kick and then a big Michinoku Driver for another two count. Alexander gets Strong up again and tries a firemans carry. Strong slips out and catches him with a standard backbreaker for a two count. Strong gets to his feet and goes for a uranage but Alexander reverses into a crucifix pin for a two count. Strong nails him with a knee to the gut and sits Alexander on the top rope. He takes his time and hits a suplerplex for a two count. Strong locks in the Strong Hold and Alexander struggles to the ropes. Strong pulls him away, but Alexander cuts him off with a victory roll for a two count. Strong hits a knee to the gut again and stands over Alexander. They exchange slaps and Strong knees him twice and hits two elbow smahses. Alexander counters with dropkick and then a Firemans carry into a linear jawbreaker and then another enzughiri for a close two count.

Alexander climbs the top rope and lands on his feet off the top. Strong hits a double gutbuster, but Alexander counters the Sick Kick and connects with the Lumbar Check for a two count. Both men fight up and sTrong hits a jumping knee. Strong goes for a suplex-backbreaker and Alexander rolls him up with an inside cradle and gets the three count, but just barely.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, The Decade come in and beatdown Alexander. They bring three chairs in and set them up. Strong hits the suplex backbreaker using the chairs. The Decade stand proud in the ring over Alexander as the camera cuts away.

When we come back, The Forever Hooligans are out for their triple threat tag match for the IWGP JR. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. The Time Splitters come out next, followed by the champions, the Young Bucks.

Triple Threat Match for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks vs The Forever Hooligans vs Time Splitters

Alex Shelley gets a big pop and he will start the match with Matt Jackson. They exchange holds and do some nice chain wrestling. They push each other and Shelley hits a big shot on Jackson and then a series of chops. He kicks Matt in the face and tags in Alex Kozlov. Matt tags in Nick, who gets taken down with an armdrag and then a second one. Kozlov springs up and totally outclasses Nick while exchanging holds. Kozlov hits a spinning rotating backbreaker and takes in Romero. Nick tags in KUSHIDA.

KUSHIDA and Romero square up and KUSHIDA hits a big arm drag. Romero dodges a second one but eats a big dropkick instead. Romero powers KUSHIDA back into the Hooligans corner. KUSHIDA fights out and tags in Shelley. They doubleteam both the Bucks and hit twin elbows on Romero. They stack Kozlov and Romero into the same corner and hit double knees on them and Shelley gets a two count on Romero. Shelley hits the ropes and Kozlov drags him out of the ring, while Romero hits a running knee off the apron. The Hooligans doubleteam Shelley and Kozlov hits a suplex and then puts on his Russian Hat and hits a series of kicks to the back and a stomp for a two count.

Kozlov tags in Romero and Romero hits a dropkick and locks in a front chancery. Shelley fights up and Romero lets go and takes out KUSHIDA. The Bucks come in and double team both Kozlov and Shelley. They set up Shelley in the corner and he escapes and tags in KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA cleans house and hits a kick to the face and a springboard dropkick on Nick Jackson. He hits an enzughiri on Matt and goes to the top rope. He dives onto the Hooligans on the outside and Shelley and KUSHIDA hit a moonsault/frog splash combo for a two count. The Hooligans come in and double team Matt Jackson and Kushida in the corner with a series of doubleteam moves. Kozlov ties Jackson on the ropes and Romero drops a knee onto him for a two count.

Both the remaining JAckson and Time Splitters come in and everything breaks down. Multiple guys hit outside moves and eventually the Hooligans get Matt Jackson in the ring. Nick comes in and superkicks Kozlov, but Romero hits a dragon screw. Matt gets up and superkicks Romero, but the Time Splitters come in and hit a muta-lock/handspring dropkick on Matt. They go for their finisher, but the Young Bucks clear them out and Shelley eats a spike tombstone piledriver. The Bucks and the Hooligans trade blows in the ring and Rocky Romero gets a double superkick and falls out of the ring. They then catch a springboarding Kozlov with a double superkick and hit More Bang for Your Buck for the three count.

Winners and STILL Champions: The Young Bucks

The Bucks celebrate in the ring and we go to intermission.

During intermission, we get an extended recap of Kevin Steen's long standing feud with current ROH World Champion Adam Cole.

Note: Due to technical difficutlies, we were unable to supply love coverage of the tag team match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jushin Thunder Liger vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Jado. Tanahashi and Liger won in a short match when Tanahashi hit the Hi-Fli-Flo on Jado to get the three count. WrestlingInc apologizes for the error.

It's now time for the 4 corner survival match for the ROH World TV title.

4 Corner Survival Match for ROH TV Title: Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal vs Tomaso Ciampa vs Silas Young

The match starts with everyone brawling on the outside. Young squares off with ciampa and Taven dukes it out with Lethal. Ciampa nails Taven with a running knee and then hits Young with the same move. He sits Young up in a chair and hits a second running knee to Young's head. Ciampa climbs up on the steel guardtail, but Young superplexes him off the rail. Taven then hits a no-hand cross body out of the ring onto Lethal and Young. Taven starts moving towards Truth MArtini, but Lethal cuts him off and beats him into the ring. Taven blocks a superkick and hits an enzughiri and then a superkick to Cimapa.

Taven climbs the ropes but Young pushes him off and crotches him on the ropes. Young clotheslines Taven off the ropes and then Lethal hits a clothesline on Young. Ciampa runs over Young and then Lethal nails the Lethal Combination on Ciampa. Lethal signals and hits a forearm smash on Young. Young catches him with a steamroller and then hits a moonsault on Lethal for a two count. Young tries the same thing on Taven, but Cimapa cuts him off and takes him out. Ciampa knees Taven in the head and then hits a super air-raid crash to Young for a pin, but Lethal breaks it up. Cimampa hits a running knee, but Lethal nails a superkick and then hits a side kick on Taven.

Young gets up and clotheslines Lethal, and Taven hits Young with a superkick. Taven dodges a Lethal clothesline and hits a double underhook facebuster on Lethal. Taven climbs the ropes and hits a huge double moonsault onto both Cimapa and Young on the outside. He hops back up, but Martini distracts him by climbing on the ropes. Taven dodges Lethal and tossess him into Martini. Taven teases beating down Martini, but Lethal comes in and hits the Lethal Injection for the three count.

Winner and STILL Champion: Jay Lethal

Michael Elgin comes out and sits at the commentery chair for the next match. Kazuchika Okada comes out to a big pop and the Rainmaker Dollars come down from the rafters. He is joined by fellow CHAOS stablemate Gedo. The Bullet Club, represented by AJ Styles and Karl Anderson come out next.

AJ Styles and Karl Anderson vs Kazuchika Okada and Gedo

Okada calls out AJ to start the match and he gets his wish. They square up Okada powers him into the corner and gives him a clean break. They go at it again and exchange holds and AJ locks in a rear waistlock that Okada reverses into a wristlock, which AJ counters only to quickly be put into a side headlock by Okada. Okada has the headlock in for a very longtime, with AJ eventually getting out and hits a perfect dropkick on Okada. AJ whips him across the corner and hits him with a diving forearm. He goes for a tornado DDT, but Okada blocks it and dropkicks him out of the ring. Gedo comes in and Styles tags in Anderson. Anderson hits a european uppercut on Gedo, but eats a kick and some right hands from Gedo. Gedo hits the ropes but Styles kicks him in the back and Anderson hits a rolling spinebuster on Gedo. They double team Gedo and Anderson mounts Gedo and tees off on his face. He knocks Okada off the apron and tags in AJ.

AJ kicks Gedo in the gut and hits a backbreaker on Gedo for a two count. AJ locks in a hammerlock on Gedo and drives him to the mat. Okada comes in and breaks up the hold and AJ brings Gedo over to his corner and tags in Anderson. Anderson locks in a cravat and switches over to a rear chinlock. Gedo fights up and delivers several elbows, but Anderson connects with a leg lariat for a two count. Anderson taunts Gedo and brings him up to his feet. Gedo floors him with a slap, but Anderson quickly recovers and stomps his head in from behind. They both hit the ropes and Gedo hits a flying crossbody. He tags in Okada who clears house and hits a DDT on Anderson. He body slams Anderson and hits a helio. Anderson dodges a flying clothesline, and tries for a powerbomb, but Okada powers out and hits a neckbreaker and then a picture perfect elbow drop.

Okada goes for the Rainmaker, but Anderson hits a neckbreaker and tags in AJ. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Okada gets out of it and they trade forearm shots, but Okada nails a dropkick on AJ. Gedo gets the tag and hits a back body drop and a jawbreaker followed up with a DDT. Anderson comes in and tries to bumrush him but Okada derails him and Okada and Gedo doubleteam AJ. Okada hits a flapjack and Gedo hits a superkick for a two count. Gedo shucks around and punches AJ, but AJ ducks one and nails a pele kick and then Anderson nails the ace crusher. AJ hits Bloody Sunday and then the Styles Clash for the three count while Anderson prevents Okada from entering the ring.

Winners: Karl Anderson and AJ Styles

After the match, Elgin enters the ring and points at the belt from AJ. Okada comes in and also gets into the fray. They talk in the ring and Okada leaves while AJ and Elgin lock eyes.

Kelly and Corino discuss the upcoming main event between Adam Cole and Kevin Steen for the ROH World Championship. Steen won the title two years ago in Toronto, and Corino thinks history is going to repeat itself.

Kevin Steen comes out first wearing his older "Kill Steen Kill" shirt. Steen waves a Canadian flag in the ring to a big pop. Cole is out next and he is wearing a copious amount of body oil.

ROH World Championship Match: Adam Cole vs Kevin Steen

Cole starts the match with a smack to Steen in the face, which only pisses Steen off. They shake hands, but Steen won't let go and kisses Cole's hand. They trade blows and Cole scores with a boot, but Steen rallies back with a high elbow. He hits a series of chops in the corner and Cole acts like he is getting shot. Steen goes for a scoop slam, but Cole slips out and goes to work on Steen's left knee. Steen pushes him to the outside, but Cole drags him out and bounces his head of the apron. Cole gets back in the ring and tries to hit a crossbody, but Steen casually gets out of the way. Steen lights up Cole and puts a sign from a fan on his head. Steen drops him into the steel post and then gives him an atomic drop like move onto the post.

Steen goes to a second post and does the same maneuver again. He does it a third time and asks the fans if they want to see it again. He goes over to the fourth and final posts, but Cole escapes and pushes him face first into the post. Steen fights back and catches Cole in mid-air, and drives Cole into the post once again. Steen rolls him back into the ring and goes to work on Cole with the ten fists in the corner, as the crowd counts in French. Steen taunts too much, and Cole kicks him in the knee, knocking him off the ropes. Cole whips his knee off the apron and is getting a lot of heat from the crowd. Cole continues to work on Steen's left knee and locks in a submission hold. Steen fishooks him and gets out of it, but Cole goes right back to the knee.

Cole locks in an extended leg lock, but Steen fights out with backfists to Cole's face. Steen uses the corner to get up and hits a chop to Cole's chest. He conncets again and they trade blows. Cole comes in, but is dropped onto the apron and eats a rope assisted ddt from Steen. Cole is on the outside and Steen tries to bring him in, but Cole drags him over to the post and locks in a figure four around the pole. Cole releases the hold and works the knee on the outside. Cole taunts Steen in the ring and goes to the apron. Steen catches him coming off the apron and hits a powerbomb on the apron. Steen hobbles over to Cole and goes for a second apron powerbomb and connects. Steen brings him over to the other side and hits a third apron powerbomb. He signals for a fourth one and he drags Cole over and nails him on the apron for a fourth time.

Cole goes in the ring and Steen comes off the top with a senton atomico for a two count. Both men get up to their feet and Steen goes for the package piledriver. Cole escapes and hits a backbreaker for a two count. Steen hits a high elbow and Cole dropkicks him in the knee. They are both on the top turnbuckle. Cole goes for a superplex, but Steen overpowers him and hits a super brainbuster off the top for a close two count. Steen stands in the opposite corner and misses the cannonball run. Sten goes for the package pildriver again, but his knee gives out and Cole locks in the figure four. Steen inches his way closer to the ropes, but Cole stops him. Steen rolls onto his belly and Cole lets go.

Cole goes for a german suplex, but Steen blocks it and answers with a right hand. Cole hits the ropes and eats a pop-up powerbomb and locks in the sharpshooter. Cole looks close to tapping, but Steen's leg gives out and he lets go. Cole gets up and tries the Florida Key, but Steen beats him around and hits the sleeper suplex for a two count. Steen limps over to Cole, but Michael Bennett hits the ring. Steen low blows him and hits the package piledriver on Bennett. Cole hits a side kick to Steen's back, and german suplex, and then connects with the Florida Key, but Steen gets out at two. Cole taunts Steen, who smacks him in the face. Cole responds with another kick to the knee and a superkick. Cole goes for the American Destroyer, but Steen counters with the sharpshooter, but Cole makes it to the ropes.

Coles roles to the outside and kicks Steen in the face. Cole climbs the top rope, but Steen cuts him off and hits the turnbuckle Brainbustahh! to Cole for a two count. Loud Generico "Ole" chants fill the arena. Steen picks Cole up, but Cole collapses. Steen goes for it again but Cole gets him with an inside cradle for a near fall. Cole pops up and hits a superkick to Steen's face and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Champion: Adam Cole

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