- As noted, The Shield recently granted their first individual Wish through Make-A-Wish at the WWE live event in Peoria, IL. WWE's Community website has photos of their meeting with Jesse at this link. Rollins said:

"Anytime you can meet someone who is that excited and you can see that much joy in their eyes and you can feel it when you hug them and they're squeezing you and you can tell they don't want to let go, it's humbling. It's a blessing to be involved with something so special."

- As seen on WWE NXT, Bo Dallas has a new theme song and entrance video. His new theme is "Shoot For The Stars" and it's now available on iTunes.

- Chavo Guerrero was forced to pull out from this weekend's Warriors of Wrestling event in New York due to an emergency appendectomy he had to undergo on Wednesday. Chavo noted that he's OK and they caught it before the appendix burst but he can't fly or wrestle for a little while.

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