This week's episode of NXT opens with JBL approaching Paige backstage. He strips her of the NXT Women's Championship because since Paige won the Divas Championship, she won't be able to defend the NXT title. He says it's not fair to NXT for her to travel all over the world and not be able to defend the title in NXT. He says she doesn't deserve it, but it has to be done. Paige says she was planning on fighting for it until the end, but gives him the title.

Lana makes her entrance and announces Alexander Rusev. Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, and Jason Albert are on commentary.

Alexander Rusev vs. Travis Tyler

Rusev hits a body avalanche against the ropes. He picks up Tyler and knees him against the ropes. Rusev hits a Samoan drop. He kicks Tyler in the back. Rusev elbows Tyler repeatedly in the chest and drops an elbow. He slams Tyler to the mat and locks in the Accolade. Tyler taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Adam Rose's party people. They carry him over. She asks about Camacho's harsh words for him, and he calls him a party pooper. Rose says Camacho is boring, so anytime he wants to pick a fight to let him know.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks vs. Emma and Paige

Emma and Sasha start off. Sasha slams her head into the corner. Charlotte tags herself in. Emma elbows her. She tosses Sasha into her and monkey flips Charlotte. Paige tags in. They double vertical suplex Charlotte. Charlotte comes back with a toehold. Paige reverses out. She hits Charlotte with back elbows in the corner. Paige tosses Charlotte across the ring by her hair and tags in Emma. Charlotte hits a quick elbow to the face. She knees Emma in the stomach. Emma tries for a monkey flip, but Charlotte lands on her feet and tags in Sasha.

Sasha attacks Emma. She slams her head first into the corner. Charlotte tags back in. They double team Emma. Charlotte goes for a pin. She chokes Emma on the bottom rope. Charlotte locks in a leg scissors around Emma's head. She rams Emma's head into the mat using her legs. Emma bridges up into a pin attempt. Charlotte goes for an elbow drop, but Emma moves. Paige and Sasha tag in. Paige hits a trio of clotheslines. She goes for a submission, but Charlotte kicks her knee. Charlotte tosses Emma out of the ring. Sasha tags in Charlotte, and Charlotte hits Paige with her somersault cutter finisher for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Back from commercial and Tyson Kidd makes his entrance.

Tyson Kidd vs. Mason Ryan

Kidd kicks Ryan in the legs. Ryan rams him into the corner and hits him in the stomach with his shoulder. He clubs Kidd in the back. Ryan lands a body slam and drops a leg. Kidd comes back by kicking Ryan in the legs and head. He chokes Ryan on the bottom rope and drops a leg across the back of his neck. He locks in Ryan's head from the front. Ryan gets out. He picks Kidd above his head and drops him to the mat. Ryan hits a clothesline in the corner. Ryan whips Kidd into the corner and charges. Kidd dodges and goes up top. He flips off and hits Ryan with a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the match, Renee Young asks how it felt to be back in the ring. Kidd says it's the rebirth of Tyson Kidd. With the launch of the WWE Network, NXT is the place to be. With more eyes on NXT than ever before, what better time to show his display of ability? He will prove anyone wrong who wants to Test him.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze

They lock up. Angelo goes for a pin attempt. He takes Breeze to the mat. Breeze battles back with strikes and clubbing blows to the back. He snapmares Angelo and kicks him in the back. Breeze locks in Angelo's head from behind. Angelo fights out, but Breeze kicks him in the mid section. Breeze lands the beauty shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Then, footage is shown of Brodus Clay attacking Adrian Neville last week in the locker room after their match. It knocked Neville's front teeth out.

Corey Graves and the Ascension vs. The Usos and Sami Zayn

Viktor and an Uso start off. Viktor locks in a side headlock. Uso comes back with a big shot to the head. Corey tags in. Uso tags in Zayn. Zayn stalks after Graves, and Graves tags in Konnor. They lock up. Konnor clubs Zayn in the back. Graves tags in. Zayn takes him down and lands multiple strikes to the head. Graves rolls free and tags in Viktor. Viktor kicks Zayn's knee. Zayn comes back with a dropkick. Jey tags in and hits a chop to the chest.

Jimmy tags in, and the Usos double team Viktor. He hits Viktor with a big chop to the chest. Jey tags back in. The Usos double team Viktor again. Jey strikes Viktor in the corner and hits a shoulder tackle. He locks in Viktor's leg. Jimmy tags in and drops a headbutt on Viktor. He locks in Viktor's arm. Zayn tags in. He drops an elbow on Viktor's arm and strikes him in the head. Jey tags in. He also attacks Viktor's arm. He charges Viktor in the corner, and Viktor lands a clothesline.

Konnor tags in. He kicks Jey several times in the corner. Konnor hits a flapjack as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Viktor is in control of Jey. Konnor tags in. Jey strikes him in the face. Konnor hits strikes of his own. He goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out. Konnor locks in Jey's head from behind. Jey gets out, but Konnor shoves him down and tags in Graves. Graves slams Jey to the mat and drops a fist. He locks in Jey's head and arm. Viktor tags in.

Viktor stomps Jey near the ropes. He chops Jey into the corner. They trade chops back and forth. Viktor comes out on top and attacks Jey in the corner. He locks in Jey's head from behind. Jey fights to his feet and drops Viktor back first to the mat. Konnor tags in and stops Jey from making a tag. He goes for a back body drop, but Jey goes for a pin attempt. He tosses Konnor outside. Konnor grabs onto Jey's foot. Jey kicks him away, and Viktor tags himself in. Viktor hits Zayn off the apron and tries to hit off Jimmy off, but Jimmy ducks and tags himself in.

Jimmy hits a clothesline and a leaping back elbow. He kicks Viktor in the gut and hits a Samoan drop. Konnor runs into the ring, and Jimmy Samoan drops him too. Jimmy Superkicks Viktor and hits the corner hip attack. Graves tags himself in out of nowhere and hits the chop block to the knee. He goes for lucky 13, but Jimmy rolls him up for a two count. Zayn tags in and hits a crossbody from up top for a near pin fall. Zayn lands his spin out powerbomb, but the Ascension breaks up the pin attempt.

Zayn and an Uso clothesline them out of the ring. Zayn hits Graves with his corner big boot. He and an Uso take the Ascension out with dives, and the other Uso hits Graves with a splash from up top for the win.

Winners: The Usos and Sami Zayn

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