TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Abyss Vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle In Action

Winners of the match by pinfall: Storm and Roode

We see Mr Anderson heading downstairs at Shaw's mom's house and she closes him in the basement alone - looks like Anderson has been had.

However, back from the break it's Shaw who is in the basement even though his mom said he wasn't home. Shaw and Anderson fight briefly and Anderson says he's getting out of there. Shaw then shows that he is a Creepy Bastard as he hugs his mother and she eerily tells Anderson goodbye.

Out first are The Beautiful People and then it's Gail Kim out next followed by Madison Rayne.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Madison vs Velvet to start. Tenay tells us that Brittany suffered a concussion earlier when she saved Madison from The Beautiful People.

Kim and Rayne are working together very well as a team, and control the match throughout even when The Beautiful People have momentary signs of offense.

Madison nails a spear on Velvet but Angelina sneaks up and rolls up the Knockouts Champion for a fast count pin.

Winners of the match by pinfall: The Beautiful People

Video of Knux saying he has to go back to Impact Wrestling.

Then,we see Abyss in the back talking about redemption.

Video of The Wolves talking about their Tag Team Title that will be a Handicap Match as DJ Z joins the Bro Mans at Sacrifice, and then it's announced that Angle and Willow will take on EC3 and Rockstar Spud also at Sacrifice.

Eric Young comes out to the announce table for the main event.

Abyss vs Magnus

If Abyss wins, he gets a full TNA contract. The match starts and EY is talking about his rematch with Magnus at Sacrifice.

After the final break, we come back with the crowd chanting Over Rated at Magnus. Most of the emphasis is the discussion with EY about his match against Magnus.

Magnus is working on the leg of the Abyss and Abyss is about to turn things around when Magnus hits a blatant low blow right in front of the referee and gets disqualified. Magnus then takes a steel chair to The Monster and then grabs the referee and puts him in the corner.

At that, EY hits the ring to save Hebner but he is nailed with a low blow as well. Magnus then procedes to beat the hell out of the heavyweight champion with the chair and is standing over the champ as we go off the air.

No word on the status of Abyss and how his TNA contract is affected by the DQ.

Winner of the match by DQ: Abyss

To recap:
Kurt Angle wins over Rockstar Spud by submission.

Bobby Lashley defeats Kenny King via count out.

MVP get the victory over Austin Aries by pin fall.

James Storm and Bobby Roode win over Bully Ray and Gunner with Storm pinning Gunner.

The Beautiful People steal a win over Gail Kim and Madison Rayne when Angelina Love rolls up Rayne for a quick count pin after Rayne had nailed Velvet Sky with a spear.

In the Main Event, Abyss wins by DQ over Magnus. Magnus then demolishes both Abyss and then Eric Young with a steel chair.

Tonight was all about building up Sacrifice and they did a solid but not spectacular job of doing that.

Ed Boston co-founder of here and as always, I enjoyed sharing Impact with you.

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