TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Abyss Vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle In Action

Next up is The King of the Night.

When we come back Gail Kim is in the back and asks Madison to team up with her against The Beautiful People later tonight. Madison accepts and it will be Madison Rayne and Gail Kim vs The Beautiful People.

Out comes Kenny King who is waiting on his mystery opponent. That opponent turns out to be Bobby Lashley.

Kenny King vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley starts strong showing off his outstanding amateur skills from the beginning. Lashley then show some power moves against the new #1 contender to the X Division Title, as King is set to face the winner of the Sanada vs Tigre Uno best 2 out of 3 match series.

After the referee steps in the way and stops of a couple of Lashley offensive moves King then takes control for a short time. However, Lashley's power comes into play as he catches King in mid air and nails King with a massive vertical suplex.

King then bails out of the ring and gets himself counted out.

Winner of the match via count out: Bobby Lashley

Video of Ken Anderson looking for Samuel Shaw and he stops at Shaw's mother's house where she seductively invites him in.

James Storm and Bobby Roode are in the back bickering about the things they've done to each other, but Storm reminds Roode that they were once the best tag team EVER. They realize the have something in common - Roode wants to put Bully through a table and Storm wants to make Gunner's old man cry.

Next up it's MVP vs Austin Aries

The crowd seems split as an Austin Aries - MVP chant starts.

Both stars take turns in control inside the ring and then they take turns in control on the outside as well, until MVP tweaks his knee when Aries then takes over the match. Several near falls follow for Aries as he nearly pins the Director of Operations.

MVP nails a huge clothesline on Aries for a near fall of his own and he takes control.

Both competitors show great physicality as acknowledged by the announce team with each wrestler scoring near falls on the other.

MVP moves out of the way of a 450 splash and nails Aries in the head with a boot to get the pin.

Winner of the match by pinfall: MVP

Sanada video is next where he talks about the pressure from The Great Muta and doing well for his country.

We then see Mr. Anderson in the home of Shaw's mother. She tells Anderson that Shaw's bedroom is in the basement and takes Anderson that way.

Out next is "The Cowboy" James Storm and then "The It Factor" Bobby Roode.

Bully Ray and Gunner come out together as we go to break.

Bully Ray and Gunner vs James Storm and Bobby Roode

Bully Ray vs Storm to start the match. Bully takes charge and tags in Gunner. Roode is tagged in Gunner stays in control and he tags in Bully.

Roode and Storm then double team Bully and cut the ring in half and keep Bully away from his corner. Good match building up the Bully Ray vs Roode Table Match and the Gunner vs Storm in an I Quit Match scheduled this Sunday for Sacrifice.

Bully finally gets to Gunner to tag him in and the former Marine takes over on both his opponents. Bully comes in Gunner imitates Devon on a couple of moves. Then Bully says - get the table. However Bully ends up going through the himself.

Storm nails Gunner with a Super Kick that Gunner never saw coming and get the 1-2-3 for the win.

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