Ted Dibiase Jr. Talks Signing With WWE, His Father's Reaction, HBK, Daniel Bryan's Success, More

I recently spoke with Ted Dibiase Jr., who discussed his time with WWE, if he was pushed too quickly, his legendary father, Daniel Bryan's success, the upcoming The Price of Fame documentary and more.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second and final part of our interview, where we discussed how hard it is to get a spot on the WrestleMania card, part-timers getting top spots at WrestleMania, why he decided to leave WWE, the upcoming The Price of Fame documentary and much more.

You can follow Diabiase on Twitter @TedDiBiase. Also, you can help support The Price of Fame, which features both Ted Dibiase Jr. and Sr., on Kickstarter by clicking here. The film takes a look at Ted DiBiase Jr.'s journey to learn his father's road to redemption, while spotlighting Ted Dibiase Sr.'s life and wrestling career. The goal is to raise $30,000 by April 25th to fund the project.

Wrestling INC: What have you been up to since you left the WWE?

Dibiase: That's a loaded question. A lot. Most of which I've certain been enjoying my time at home and getting to spend time with my wife and my son for a change. As a lot of people know, being part of the WWE is an amazing job and it's a dream come true but it requires about 290 days out of the year. So, it's a lot of time away but it was definitely worth it. For me, it was time to come home but since then I've kinda putting some of my education to practice.

I'm working on, and launching a new company and at the same time I've been working hard at really putting this documentary together that we've doing a project with a guy named Pete Ferrera out of New York. He's really talented, and we're really telling a story from my perspective and it's a fantastic story and I want to do my dad justice. But also, you know, talking about his life and his faith now but really hitting on the success he had as a wrestler and the icon he became in the wrestling industry. So, that's been a lot of it. Doing some business development for this company out of New York. I've got a couple financial former partners at Goldman Sachs so I'm helping these guys launch their company. So, a lot going on, man.

Wrestling INC: You sound like you're busy and I'd like to talk more about the documentary here in a bit. You talk about your father being an icon in this business. What was that like growing up, because you talk about the travel and how hard that can be? What was that like because your dad was such ahuge superstar and legend, but also at the same time he had to be on the road a lot? It was even tougher back then.

Dibiase: I think their schedule was actually worse than ours. I remember my dad coming home like two and three weeks at a time and then he'd be home for four days and then gone for three weeks and home for three days. It was longer periods of time each time he would leave. For us, we were like five days a week and then home the rest of the week. So, I was a bit of a break there but it was interesting man. You know, I grew up in the locker room with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Jake the Snake and the Ultimate Warrior. It was quite interesting being a little kid. I didn't realize how cool that was until I got older, in hindsight (obviously 20/20) but it was fun, but it was tough because dad missed out on a lot. He wasn't there for the birthdays, I mean, honestly I don't remember a birthday that he was actually there for. We would always schedule around and do stuff when he could be there but he was definitely gone for all the weekends. So, he wasn't at the soccer games or football games and I never had any regrets or bitterness towards that. That's just what he did.

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