Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III are in the ring waiting their opponents. Next out is Bully Ray and then Willow for a Tag Team Tables Match.

Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray and Willow in a Tag Team Table Match

Bully and Roode go at it as do Willow and EC3. Bully and Willow gain the early control until Willow brings in a table and then Roode and Carter try to put Willow through the table. Bully moves the table to keep the match going.

Same thing happens as Bully is nearly back suplexed into be table, but Willow moves the table at the last second.

Tenay says that the scream from Willow is maniacal. Twist of Fate to EC3 and Willow has Carter laid out on the table. Out comes Rockstar Spud in a wheel chair. Willow carries Spud to the back and leaves Bully alone in the ring.

Two on one against Bully but he low blows both his opponents then a huge double clothesline and then bionic elbows. Roode sneaks up and nails an impressive spine buster to Bully through the table and beat Bully at his own game.

Roode and EC3 get the win.

A Roode bomb through a second table and table three is set in place and Roode climbs to the top rope and gives a flying splash to Bully through a third table. You can hear Roode screaming you know who you are dealing with?

After the break, Magnus say he is on the same page with Abyss. MVP is goes over the card and Kenny King comes in. MVP gives him the brush off and then we head to the ring for the next match.

Mr Anderson has the mic and does his own intro. Then he says we have one creepy bastard and the crowd starts a creepy bastard chant.

Anderson calls out Creepy Bastard, Samuel Shaw to the ring. Shaw gives a "creepy" promo and comes to the ring.

Mr Anderson vs "Creepy Bastard" Samuel Shaw in Straight Jacket Match

To win the match the straight jacket must be put on and tied secure on the opponent.

Anderson is in the process of getting the jacket on Shaw when Shaw nails a low blow. Then Shaw locks in the choke out hold. Anderson is out and Shaw gets the jacket on Anderson but can't get it secured.

Shaw chokes Anderson out again and Shaw has the belt nearly in place and finishes off the win by securing Anderson in the straight jacket.

Shaw defeats Anderson in the Straight Jacket Match

Beautiful People in the back cut a harsh promo on Madison Rayne and call themselves the Vixons of Violence. Rayne has to find a partner for tonight against Love and Sky.

Back from the break Eric Young is asked about being in the Fatal 4 Way Match. Says it started about Abyss, but he deserves the shot he is getting.

Tigre Uno and Sanada are in the ring ready to begin their best of 3 match.

Kenny King comes out and interrupts the match before it can even start. King says he is the X Division. 3-2-1 and MVP's music hits and he looks pissed.

Kenny King have you lost your damn mind, says MVP. King talks down to MVP saying that King is the only star. MVP says if you keep this up you will be seeing stars.

King asks MVP what he's doing tonight and challenges MVP to an "exhibition" match. After saying no at first MVP tells King he will whip his ass.

After the break, it will be:

Tigre Uno and Sanada in a best of 3 match for the X Division Title

Lots of high energy high flying moves from Sanada when Tigre Uno tries to gain some momentum. Sanada nails a double armed back suplex and held it in place for the pin.

Sanada is up 1 - 0 in the best of 3 series with the win.

Brittany offers to be Madison Rayne's partner. Madison says no and Brittany asks for that one break. Madison says shut the door and let's talk strategy. So it will be those two verses the Beautiful People later tonight.

Magnus comes to the ring and has something to share with us. He calls Abyss out to the ring and calls him a handsome devil. Abyss makes his way to the ring in his mask but in a suit and tie.

Magnus tells Abyss he looks like a winner so that he associates with a winner. He then tells The Monster that he really called him out to talk strategy. It's a 4 way match, but the are partners and buddies.

Abyss looks irritated, but Magnus calms him down. He tells Abyss I love you. He then gives the monster a hug that is not returned. Both men leave the ring, and Eric Young jumps Abyss first and then Magnus. They head to the ring and the Champion and Abyss beat down EY until Samoa Joe comes out and makes the save for EY. Young is not appreciative and tell Joe to stay out of his business.

UP NEXT: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and Brittany.

MVP and The Wolves are in the back talking about their matches. Word arrives that Jesse was injured working out in the gym so the match between The Wolves and The Bro Mans appears to be off.

The latest video of Knux is shown. He goes to visit his father. His father tells Knux that he built this business for Knux. Knux said he wanted to follow his dream but says he can stay a few days to try to get the show back on the road.

First out is the team of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky - The Beautiful People. Awesome entrance for the BP.

Their opponents are the team of Brittany and your Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne.

The announcers remind us that Brittany got a win over Gail Kim in her first TNA match.

Angelina starts out against Brittany and Brittany goes right after the more experienced Knockout. The BP then cut the ring in half and keep Brittany away from her corner and they take charge of the match.

When Madison finally gets tagged in she goes of on Angelina and get a near fall before Velvet makes the save.

The Beautiful People give Brittany "The Makeover" and get the win.

Winners of the match - Angelina Love and Velvet Sky; The Beautiful People.

Back from the break, out first is Kenny "King of the Night" King followed by MVP.

Kenny King vs MVP in an Exhibition Match

Fans are firmly behind MVP chanting his name as well as Kenny sucks chants as well.

Both wrestlers show some excellent technical skills in the exhibition match. It is starting as a true exhibition. However, when King gets the upper hand he tries his best to show up The Boss.

Finally the exhibition breaks down into a fight and Earl Hebner calls for the bell and help from other referees. Crowd chants let them fight.

No winner as it was an exhibition match.

Magnus looks up EC3 in the back to see if Carter will have his back. EC3 says I thought our business relationship was severed. Magnus says but their friendship is still solid. EC3 in non committal to the do you have my back question.

Kenny King is being interviewed in the back when MVP attacks him. The Wolves pull MVP off King and we head to commercial before the Main Event.

Time for our 4-Way Match for the World Heavyweight Title.

First out is Samoa Joe, then it's Eric Young. They are followed by The Monster Abyss and then the Champion, Magnus.

Samoa Joe vs Eric Young vs Abyss vs Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title.

All 4 men in the ring Joe and Magnus face off and EY goes at Abyss. They are fighting inside and outside the ring. EY flies through the ropes and takes down all three of his opponents.

Back in the ring EY and Joe get in each other's face but are attacked by Magnus and Abyss as we head to break again.

When we come back, Magnus and Abyss are working as a team and Abyss does what Magnus tells him to do. Magnus takes over on EY in the ring while Abyss keeps Joe on the outside. Magnus gets several near falls, but EY kicks out each time.

Magnus calls Abyss back into the ring to beat down EY. Abyss wants to do something to EY and Magnus stops him. They throw Young to the floor. And Samoa Joe is now in the ring. He starts to take control and goes for the pin when EY breaks things up.

Abyss hits the Black Hole slam on EY and has the win in his sight when Magnus yells NO. Reluctantly Abyss backs off and Magnus drops the elbow on EY from the top rope to get the win.

The winner and still Heavyweight Champion - Magnus.

The show goes of the air with a short clip about next week's live show with the question Who Will Feel Her Wrath????? #WrathofDixie

So to recap tonight's action.....

Bobby Roode and EC3 defeat Bully Ray and Willow after Willow leaves the ring again and Bully is put through not 1, not 2, but 3 tables.

Samuel Shaw wins a Straight Jacket Match against Mr. Anderson.

Sanada pinned Tigre Uno to go up 1 - 0 in their best of 3 series.

The Beautiful People defeated Brittany and Madison Rayne

Kenny King and MVP squared off in an Exhibition Match that ended in a brawl.

Magnus retains his World Heavyweight Title when he convinces Abyss not to pin Eric Young and Magnus gets the pin for the win.

Thank you for spending time with me again this week. This is Ed Boston, Co-founder of saying goodnight until next Thursday.

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