TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Magnus Retains Title In 4 Way Match; Willow Disappears On Bully Again

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Magnus Retains Title In 4 Way Match; Willow Disappears On Bully Again
Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III are in the ring waiting their opponents. Next out is Bully Ray and then Willow for a Tag Team Tables Match.

Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray and Willow in a Tag Team Table Match

Bully and Roode go at it as do Willow and EC3. Bully and Willow gain the early control until Willow brings in a table and then Roode and Carter try to put Willow through the table. Bully moves the table to keep the match going.

Same thing happens as Bully is nearly back suplexed into be table, but Willow moves the table at the last second.

Tenay says that the scream from Willow is maniacal. Twist of Fate to EC3 and Willow has Carter laid out on the table. Out comes Rockstar Spud in a wheel chair. Willow carries Spud to the back and leaves Bully alone in the ring.

Two on one against Bully but he low blows both his opponents then a huge double clothesline and then bionic elbows. Roode sneaks up and nails an impressive spine buster to Bully through the table and beat Bully at his own game.

Roode and EC3 get the win.

A Roode bomb through a second table and table three is set in place and Roode climbs to the top rope and gives a flying splash to Bully through a third table. You can hear Roode screaming you know who you are dealing with?

After the break, Magnus say he is on the same page with Abyss. MVP is goes over the card and Kenny King comes in. MVP gives him the brush off and then we head to the ring for the next match.

Mr Anderson has the mic and does his own intro. Then he says we have one creepy bastard and the crowd starts a creepy bastard chant.

Anderson calls out Creepy Bastard, Samuel Shaw to the ring. Shaw gives a "creepy" promo and comes to the ring.

Mr Anderson vs "Creepy Bastard" Samuel Shaw in Straight Jacket Match

To win the match the straight jacket must be put on and tied secure on the opponent.

Anderson is in the process of getting the jacket on Shaw when Shaw nails a low blow. Then Shaw locks in the choke out hold. Anderson is out and Shaw gets the jacket on Anderson but can't get it secured.

Shaw chokes Anderson out again and Shaw has the belt nearly in place and finishes off the win by securing Anderson in the straight jacket.

Shaw defeats Anderson in the Straight Jacket Match

Beautiful People in the back cut a harsh promo on Madison Rayne and call themselves the Vixons of Violence. Rayne has to find a partner for tonight against Love and Sky.

Back from the break Eric Young is asked about being in the Fatal 4 Way Match. Says it started about Abyss, but he deserves the shot he is getting.

Tigre Uno and Sanada are in the ring ready to begin their best of 3 match.

Kenny King comes out and interrupts the match before it can even start. King says he is the X Division. 3-2-1 and MVP's music hits and he looks pissed.

Kenny King have you lost your damn mind, says MVP. King talks down to MVP saying that King is the only star. MVP says if you keep this up you will be seeing stars.

King asks MVP what he's doing tonight and challenges MVP to an "exhibition" match. After saying no at first MVP tells King he will whip his ass.

After the break, it will be:

Tigre Uno and Sanada in a best of 3 match for the X Division Title

Lots of high energy high flying moves from Sanada when Tigre Uno tries to gain some momentum. Sanada nails a double armed back suplex and held it in place for the pin.

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