This week's show opens with a recap of last week's show. Trinity approaches Jon and he jokingly tries to get her to fool around with him behind a curtain.

Things head over to Summer Rae and Eva Marie driving to a city. Eva talks about Ariane bringing up the pictures, and says Summer has been cool about the situation with her. Summer says she holds her tongue a lot because she is at the bottom of the totem pole. That's not what she's like, but it's what new girls to the business do. They talk a bit about Natalya hating Summer for whatever reason.

Then, everyone is shown arriving to an arena and greeting fans. Brie says she feels bad because she convinced Bryan to get the bus and he can't relax. Nikki says she's thrilled she's not on the bus anymore.

Next, Brie walks up to Jon, and Jon complains about not having any sex. Brie tells him not to bone on the bus. Natalya walks up and she talks about it with them. Next, clips from RAW are shown. A 12-diva match is being shown. Eva is excited because she doesn't get to wrestle on RAW much. Natalya won by submitting Aksana.

After that, everyone loads onto the bus except for Eva Marie and Summer. They are all talking on the bus, and Bryan suggests they talk about contemporary global issues. They tease Ariane about the single she released. Natalya is in the bathroom. She calls TJ in because something is wrong. A female goes in there because something is burning.

Back from commercial and Natalya accidentally got Icy Hot between her legs and down her behind. They tease her about it a bit when she comes out.

Then, Nikki and John are arriving at an arena. He walks her to her dressing room. Natalya is then shown granting her first wish. She wants to make it a moment that the fan will never forget. Natalya gives her the jacket she wore at her very first WrestleMania.

Next, Summer is shown approaching the seamstress. She asks Sandra how she can make her costume more revealing. Summer says the outfit looks grandma like. Sandra says she will make it better for her.

Then, Brie is shown getting on the bus, and she walks in on Trinity and Jon getting it on.

Back from commercial and Trinity says she was dreading someone walking in on them. She is angry at Jon.

Then, Brie is with Bryan. She tells him what happened on the bus, and he says the bus has turned into a disaster. He asks where they did it, and then questions how they're supposed to be on the bus later. Clips from Main Event are shown of a six-diva tag match. Nikki won for her team by pinning Tamina Snuka.
Everyone is then shown on the bus. They talk about being pooped on accidentally by birds. Brie says she likes everyone, but can't stand them when they're in the tight space. Brie brings up how she walked in on Trinity and Jon getting it on. Brie and Daniel say that he won't be doing this again, and they go to the back of the bus. Jon says technically there was no rule broken because there was no erection.

Brie and Daniel arrive at the arena and start eating. Brie spent $1200 dollars to get their wedding invitations rushed. Nikki walks up and talks to them. Bryan tells them that Summer pulled him aside to talk to her about the rumor stuff. Brie is angry, and Nikki mentions that Summer said inappropriate stuff to John. She confronted her right away about it. Brie gets up to talk Summer as things head off to commercial.

Back from commercial and Brie is looking for Summer. Nikki and Bryan decide to go peek on them talking. Brie finds Summer and asks her aggressively about it. Summer tries to defend herself, but Brie isn't having any of it. Summer tries to clarify, but Brie gets angrier and storms off. Summer goes and talks with Eva Marie about. She doesn't know why Brie confronted her like that and didn't give her a chance to speak.

Then, Nikki approaches Brie and asks her what happened. Nikki says she sees two different sides to Summer. Bryan tells her that her and Nikki were peeking around the corner. He tells her to be the bigger person and not get too worried about that type of stuff.

Next, the Bellas and Natalya are backstage watching a match with Daniel Bryan, the Usos, and the Wyatts. Summer approaches and asks if she can talk to Brie and talk things out so stuff isn't weird between them at work, but Brie tells her to leave. Summer leaves, and Brie says to Natalya and Nikki that she may talk to Summer once she's calmed down and ready. Bryan gets hurt in the match and Brie can tell something is off about the way he's acting.

Back from commercial and Brie goes with Bryan to the doctor. The doctor orders Bryan to go home and rest for a week. Brie feels like she wants to take Bryan to a specialist. Jon and Trinity walk up, and Brie says she can see Jon is upset and didn't mean to hurt Bryan. Nikki tells Brie the injury shows there are more important things in life than worrying about Summer. Brie accompanies Bryan to the parking lot as he leaves.

Then, the show heads to Ohio. Natalya and Eva are looking at their action figures. Eva is really excited to have a figure. Summer walks up and introduces herself to the Mattel people. She likes Eva's action figure. Summer makes a crack about Natalya's toy looking better than her in real life. She tells Summer she is being unprofessional, and says that she doesn't respect her.

Back from commercial and Eva Marie is shown meeting a fan. Nikki approaches Brie and asks how Bryan is doing. She gives her an update and says she is excited to go back and spend time with him. Nikki says she feels like her and Brie should pull all the girls aside and talk to them to stop the drama. Nikki calls them all together to tell how they all feel and solve stuff. Summer speaks first and apologizes to Brie. Brie accepts and says sorry for b****ing her out. Ariane says sorry to Eva about what she did with the pictures. Her and Eva tell each other how they felt over what happened. Eva says she it's just her insecurities behind her always showing everyone what she does in terms of photo shoots and stuff like that.

Then, Natalya tries to talk to Summer. Summer doesn't think there are any issues between them. Natalya says she feels like Summer is completely full of crap. Natalya and Summer both still look upset as everyone leaves.

Next, Fandango and Natalya are shown talking backstage. Fandango asks how she is doing, and Natalya talks about how Summer is super flirty. Summer approaches and Natalya leaves. Summer asks what they were talking about, and is super angry when he tells her. He tells Summer she needs to talk to Natalya because it's affecting her career.

Then, Summer is shown arriving in Florida at Natalya's house. She says she isn't going to let the girls walk over her anymore as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Summer is talking with Natalya. She says she wants to be an adult and stop the gossiping. Natalya isn't appreciative of her coming over. She calls Summer one of the phoniest people she has ever met. They argue. Natalya says she gets a reaction because she acts like a stripper. Summer slaps her, and Natalya tells her to leave. She says that if Summer comes to her house again she will call the police.

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