WWE NXT Recap With Video: Neville Vs. Dallas, Rawley Vs. Parker, Natalya Vs. Charlotte, More

Charlotte wraps Natalya's leg around the ropes and attacks it. She kicks Natalya in the thigh. Charlotte tries for the figure four, but Natalya counters with a pin attempt. Charlotte goes back to attacking Natalya's leg. Natalya fights free, but Charlotte does a Japanese leg screw. She goes for the figure four again, but Natalya kicks her away. Natalya locks in the figure four, but Sasha Banks attacks her from behind.

Winner via DQ: Natalya

Natalya locks the sharpshooter in on Banks after the match. She goes outside and hugs Bret.

Then, Adrian Neville is shown backstage. Neville says the outcome of his and Bo's match will be no different than when he won the title. He has the momentum and he won't let that change.

NXT Championship
Adrian Neville (c) vs. Bo Dallas

Bo takes Neville to the mat and goes for a pair of pin attempts. They tie up. Neville shoves Bo away. They tie up again. Neville backs Bo to the ropes. Bo comes back with strikes in the corner. Neville kicks Bo in the face and hits a missile dropkick. He goes up top, but Bo rolls out of the ring. Bo flips off and takes Bo out. Neville tosses Bo back inside and goes for a pin. Bo tosses Neville to the apron. Neville tries to get back inside, and Bo hits him, sending him to the floor. Bo follows and clotheslines Neville. He sends Neville back inside and goes for the pin.

Bo punches Neville several times in the face as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Bo is still in control. Neville goes to the apron and goes for a sunset flip pin, but Bo keeps his balance. Bo drops to the mat and tries to pin by grabbing the ropes. The ref catches him, and Neville hits a pin attempt of his own. Bo double underhooks Neville's arms. Neville counters out with multiple kicks and a dropkick to the head. He hits Bo with a springboard punch to the face.

Neville hits a running uppercut in the corner. He tries to pull Bo out of the corner, but Bo hangs onto the ropes and strikes Neville in the face. Bo goes for a quick roll up but Neville kicks out. Neville kicks Bo from the apron. He goes up top and leaps off for the Red Arrow, but Bo puts his knees up. Neville kicks out of the pin attempt. Bo double underhooks Neville's arms again, but Neville backs him into the corner. Neville goes for a tornado DDT, but Bo sends him into the corner. Bo tries to follow up, but Neville Superkicks him. Neville goes up top and hits a backwards 450 splash for the win.

Winner and still champion: Adrian Neville

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