TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Willow Hunted Down, Bully Ray - Bobby Roode, Gunner Vs. James Storm

Flash back to EC3 and Spud "hunting" for Willow.

Next it's Bully Ray when we return to Impact Wrestling.

Back with EC3 and Spud "searching" a barn for Willow when we see Willow grab Spud without EC3 knowing. Spud, stop with the games Carter says as we hear Willow's evil laugh.

More video of Storm and Gunner as the feud begins. And again, later tonight it's Gunner/Storm II Unlocked.

Bully enters the ring followed by several people carrying tables to ringside. Bully gets a huge pop from the crowd when he takes the mic. You know who I am???? I'm the guy who made sure Dixie Carter is no longer a part of TNA.

He then addresses Bobby Roode and says that he keeps telling Roode that they didn't need another owner like Dixie Carter. Bully asked the crowd if they want to see Roode put through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tables when Roode's music hits.

It's the night for promos to be talking resume's as Roode tells Bully the things he's done
including tricking Bully going to Nashville last when. The Roode screams DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

Bully says get in the ring and Roode says that he calls the shots. Bully doesn't back down and says the crowd says NOW. Roode says it's not gonna happen when Bully heads up the ramp and brings Roode back to the ring.

Bully is determined to send a message to Roode. Roode ducks a punch from Bully and Bully injures his hand and Roode starts working on Bully's injured right hand.

Both wrestlers try to put the other through a table to no avail. They finally get in the ring where there are 3 tables in place. Bully takes command and Roode side-steps a big boot and Bully puts his foot through one of the tables.

Again Roode side-steps Bully this time when Bully tries a spear and Bully goes right through a table.

Cut to the back and Magnus tells Abyss that Abyss has something that's his. Abyss wants to know what happened with Magnus tapping out so quick. Magnus said it's all about keeping the championship and the he had no problem tapping quick in order to hold on to the belt.

Up next Knockouts match.

We see Storm and Gunner in the back both looking focused on their match later tonight.

Video of Knux back home seeing the devastation that a flood left behind.

Angelina Love is first out for the Knockouts match getting serious heat from the crowd. Madison Rayne comes out to a big roar from the crowd and goes flying into the ring to attack Angelina.

Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

Rayne is the early aggressor in this non-title match. Velvet comes to ringside to get a closer look at the action, and it appears that Velvet is cheering for Rayne.

At one point Velvet tells Madison, come on baby I still love you. At that Angelina and Velvet argue on the floor. Back in the ring, Angelina takes charge.

As Angelina distracts the referee, Velvet gives Madison a vicious DDT on the floor and Angelina gets a pin over the Champ.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne

EY in the back with ODB. EY fired up about his match with Samoa Joe tonight and being part of the Fatal 4-way next week.

Kenny "King of the Night" King comes up to MVP in the back wanting to know what MVP has for the King of the Night tonight. MVP says he will have something for him next week.

Samoa Joe vs Eric Young is next.

Two of the four men who will be in the Fatal 4-Way Match next week go at it. EY is very aggressive to start with, taking the match right to Joe. The crowd chants E - Y and are firmly supporting Young.

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