WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Daniel Bryan Attacked, WrestleMania Main Event Stip

- Back from the break and Triple H calls out Daniel Bryan. He says Bryan crossed a line last week but he's willing to put it in the past. Triple H says it feels like things were supposed to happen this way. He says Bryan crossed a line and he has to put an end to this. Triple H says he has no choice but to end the Yes Movement. Triple H says he will do what's best for business every time. He says no hard feelings and may the best man win. Triple H extends his hand for a shake and fans chant "no!" Bryan shakes his head no.

Triple H says he doesn't blame Bryan for not shaking his hand. Triple H says he has dumped a lot on Bryan since SummerSlam and yet he's still standing here. Fans chant Bryan's name now. Triple H says the fans respect Bryan because they've seen him go through it all. Triple H says anybody else would have folded a long time ago and took their ball and went home, but not Bryan. A CM Punk chant starts now. Triple H says Bryan has earned his respect and goes to leave the ring. Stephanie comes out and she's pissed. She says what Bryan did last week was disrespectful and illegal. Stephanie says she's formally pressing charges on Bryan for his actions last week. She calls out a group of police officers and sends them to the ring to arrest Bryan. Stephanie and Triple H argue on the ramp. Stephanie can't believe Triple H said he respects Bryan. Officers, who appear to be local indie wrestlers, surround Bryan in the ring. One cop grabs his hand with a cuff, the others bring him down by his legs and one cop even clubs him in the back with a forearm. They hold Bryan down and he yells for them to let go. Stephanie smiles. Triple H comes to the ring and tells them to let Bryan go. Triple H says they're not even real cops and tells them to get out of his ring. Triple H says besides, he's looking forward to doing this himself... Triple H kicks Bryan in the head while his hands are cuffed behind his back. Triple H unloads on Bryan as the fans boo. Stephanie cheers him on as he takes off his tie. Triple H yanks Bryan out of the ring, hands still cuffed behind his back, and sends him flying into the steps. Triple H with a shot into the announcers table. Bryan fights back as much as he can but Triple H slams him into the apron and then the announcers table. A "you suck" chant starts up as Bryan screams in pain. Triple H sends Bryan flying into the barrier again as Stephanie talks trash to him. Triple H continues to beat Bryan around the ring as Stephanie cheers him on. Bryan kicks Triple H and headbutts him but Triple H keeps up the assault. Triple H shoves Bryan's face in a cooler of ice water and rips his shirt. Triple H slams Bryan on the announcers table again as Stephanie mocks the "yes" chant. More punches to Bryan's head. Triple H holds Bryan while Stephanie slaps him twice. Bryan yells that she hits like a girl. Stephanie slaps him again and again and again. Triple H puts Bryan on the apron and props his head against the ring post. Triple H grabs a steel chair and cracks it against Bryan and the ring post. Triple H enters the ring and takes his shirt off to more boos. Stephanie talks more trash to Bryan. Triple H drags Bryan to the center of the ring as Stephanie tells him to finish Bryan. RAW is still on the air at 11:15pm but the post-show has already began with the panel acting somber. Triple H lays Bryan out with a Pedigree. Stephanie enters the ring to celebrate. Triple H takes the mic and knocks Bryan before giving Stephanie a big kiss. RAW goes off the air with The Authority standing tall.

- The RAW Backstage Pass post-show opens up with the panel, in a different location than usual, talking about what just happened. We see Daniel Bryan being loaded onto a stretcher by medics. They've also put him into a neck brace. The panel says they haven't seen Bryan move. They wonder if he will be able to make it to WrestleMania. We go back to seeing the panel as we hear John Cena's music for the dark main event.

- We cut backstage where several WWE stars are checking on Bryan as he's rolled into the ambulance. Brie Bella is also at his side and rides in the ambulance with him. Renee Young talks to a WWE medic about possible injuries and he mentions possible abdominal and head injuries. We go back to the panel, which might be the most annoying panel yet as they're trying to talk on top of each other. We hear The Undertaker coming out for a huge pop for the dark main event. The panel talks more about Bryan and HHH to wrap it up.

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