Jim Cornette took part in a Reddit AMA earlier today and promoted The Jim Cornette Experience on MLW.com and his website, JimCornette.com. Here are some highlights:

Wanting to punch Ed Ferrara for the "Oklahoma" skit mocking Jim Ross' Bells Palsy:

I saw him in Nashville in 2002--I had promised the promoter I wouldn't punch him, but I didn't promise I wouldn't try to get HIM to punch ME first--I told him what I thought of him for doing that to JR and I spit in his face in front of 30 witnesses, and the gutless p---y did nothing. That's what he deserved for making fun of a near career-ending disability suffered by a guy who has more talent in his finger than Ferrara in his whole body, he should have never been allowed in our business in the first place. If anyone sees him, tell him Jim Cornette STILL says he's a gutless sack of s--t.

Colt Cabana:

Colt is a fine mid-card wrestler, an average look and an oK at best promo, he was perfect for WWE and I have to assume he pissed someone off there--he was NOT a fit for ROH as we were trying to present an athletic, serious, credible style of pro wrestling and funny doesn't draw money. We didn't offer him a contract because he didn't fit those plans, and he has made a big deal out of it, we never said this publicly until he made it an issue-personally, I don't think his comedy is funny and I don't think anyone trying to make a career in pro wrestling should make fun of it at the same time, a la his bulls--t "$5 wrestling" with the asshole who runs Highspots. I have no use for that type of horses--t

Vince Russo in less than 10 words:

Asshole Dips--t c--------r Motherf--ker Prick Crook Conman Blithering Idiot Christian

Dixie Carter:

I have had a lot of GREAT wrestling bosses like Watts, Dusty, Jerry Jarrett, etc--NICEST boss I ever had was Cary Silkin--I considered Jeff Jarrett my boss in TNA and Dixie was there because she had a rich Daddy, darlin'

If he ever gets heat for his religious views:

No, everyone's entitled to their opinion but how can anyone be MAD at me for being an atheist unless they can prove there is a God?

Biggest conservative and liberal in the business:

Can't answer that as I haven't spoken politics with the entire wrestling world, but obviously Vince is a Republican because he's a rich old white billionaire, Mick Foley thinks about things sensibly because he's a caring, compassionate and intelligent guy-

Why Kevin Steen hates him:

Because I got him a raise, a contract renewal, Visa paid for, a 9 month undefeated run with the World Title and tons of TV time, even after he refused to lose weight to get the spot, so you tell me

Who will be the next big star in pro wrestling:

If there was any justice, it would be the Briscoe Brothers, they are possibly my favorite talents inside/outside the ring, Adam Cole is a superstar, don't want to offend anyone by mentioning more and leaving someone out

Chris Benoit appearing on the WWE Network:

He was a great talent, a wonderful friend and a fine human being who for some reason or combination of reasons went insane and did horrible, unforgiveable things in the last two days of his life--you can't erase him from history, but if anyone would confront it we might learn something to prevent it from happening again.

His worked-shoot promos on RAW in 1997:

Once again too long a story to tell here, but to answer the main point of your question, I wrote them myself and put them on teleprompter because I had to clear them with legal first to make sure we weren't sued--only times I have ever done a "scripted" promo in 32 years!

Most appealing feature of today's product:

Haven't found one--sorry.

Dumbest ideas he's heard pitched:

Tie between Jim Herd's Hunchbacks and Vince Russo's Brawl for All!

Worst booking decision to make TV:

The Brawl for All tied with Austin hugging McMahon at WM17 that led to the collapse of the entire business-

Talent who should have been big stars:

Matt Morgan should have been a big star, plus Nick Dinsmore, the Damaja, Doug Basham, Johnny Jeter, Mike Mondo, Rico Constantino, most of the OVW class that got screwed by bad WWE creative in 2003-2005

If ROH is turning things around:

This is hopeless to answer in this forum, and I don't want to seem as if I am knocking Delirious because he is the only person there i still respect, but nothing has changed--ROH is still running 2-3 shows per month, attendence is up a few hundred per show due to AJ Styles and other names but that is a far cry from where I thought we could be after 3 years, I was a proponent of a Japan deal from the start but it only happened because events took place that saw it become available for very little money outlay on Sinclair's part, etc. Delirious has done a fine, tireless and thankless job, but I entered into the project thinking it would be a real promotion by this time, running real arenas and on a schedule of 70-80 shows per year, and not knowing that not only would SBG not do anything in the proposal they bought, but also that I would not be working for Joe Koff but instead some 26 year old jackoff accountant named Greg the office boy, and truthfully if I had known all those things ahead of time, I would not have been involved. The ROH you see today is about a fifth of the size I envisioned it could be, and I was not spending 24/7 of my entire life to establish a promotion that still plays rec centers for hundreds, not thousands of people, nor did I sign on to be stymied at every turn by non-wrestling, cheapass Republican assholes. I wanted my last wrestling project to be something I could be proud of, and I believed in the style and the talent roster, but it became a rib on me that the company was being run like a flea market and the blame went on me because I had trumpeted how great it could be--after taking stress Tests on my heart and waking up mad every day for a year and a half, I couldn't take it anymore

Much more is contained in Cornette's AMA, you can check it out by clicking here.

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