As noted earlier, Sheamus was at the inaugural Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con last week. reader Isaac sent us some highlights from his panel, which you can check out below. We had posted his comments about CM Punk and what Punk said to him at The Royal Rumble last week at this link:

- Sheamus joked about having bad Chipotle a couple of weeks earlier, and said that it was "touch and go" there for awhile. He said it was pretty bad, and he only eats Chipotle after his matches now.

- He was asked about being a contractor as opposed to an employee of WWE and not receiving benefits because of that. Sheamus noted that he was paid and looked after following his injury, and that his surgery and rehab was completely paid for.

- Sheamus talked about butterflies at his first WrestleMania, and he felt like his knees were going to buckle before going out. He said he still gets nervous before coming out on RAW and SmackDown. He's fine when he gets out there in the ring, but is nervous behind the curtain.

- If he were to main event WrestleMania, he'd like to have a "proper match" with Daniel Bryan. He noted their 10 second match at 'Mania before, and said that he'd like to have a great match with Bryan at 'Mania with time and a good story. He knows they would tear the place down.

- Sheamus talked about John Cena, and asked if everyone was Cena fans, which got boos. Sheamus put over how hard Cena works and how he is the top guy. He said that Cena's cool with everybody and that he's never seen a bad side to him. He noted that some ex-talents talk smack about Cena, but feels that they should blame themselves for their failings and not others. He said that Cena's been a great leader for a long time, and he owes how his career has progressed to Cena putting him over at TLC in 2009.

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