Source: PWInsider

On Friday, a judge in Nashville postponed the planned start of TNA's civil lawsuit brought against Scott Steiner. The trial was set to begin later this month. A pre-trial conference is now scheduled for November 20th while the trial itself is scheduled to begin December 8th.

Back in 2012, TNA filed a breach of contract and defamation of character suit against Steiner. TNA claimed Steiner's Twitter rants against Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, TNA as a company and others were in violation of his contract. Steiner claimed he was just speaking for the wrestlers and for the good of the fans.

Steiner counter-sued TNA and claimed that he could not have been in violation because his TNA deal had expired and he turned down a new deal. Steiner's counter-suit was later dropped but there's still a separate lawsuit going on where he claims he was injured at a TNA live event against Jeff Hardy, who he alleges was in no condition to perform.

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