- Apple TV users in Canada report that they have been able to access the WWE Network. The Network isn't supposed to be available to customers outside of the United States until late this year at the earliest. Users in Australia and the UK have reported being able to access the Network by using a US mailing address at sign-up.

- Perkins Miller, WWE's Executive Vice President of Digital Media spoke with Cynopsis Sports and talked about WWE Network expectations:

"We are looking at a lot of demand across our social platforms. The last time I looked, our network Facebook page had around 2 million likes on it. We've had a tremendous amount of demand in the media. In fact, at CES, in spite of all the announcements from Yahoo, Sony, etc., a study showed that WWE Network had the greatest impact by a factor of two, compared to any other announcement coming out of CES. So we feel that we've got a lot of excitement around our launch. If you look at the way our fans buy right now, we have anywhere from 800,000 to a million fans buy our PPVs on any given year, so our estimate right now is that by the end of this year, we could get to around a million subscribers. Our goal, over time, is that this model across the country could attract between two and four million subscribers."

- Stephanie McMahon, Natalya and Sheamus hosted a WrestleMania Reading Challenge event in Green Bay earlier today. Here is a photo:

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