Source: The Source

R-Truth recently spoke with The Source about his upcoming music project and more. Here are some highlights:

A picture of you and Wiz Khalifa recently circled the net after a Monday Night Raw in the city of Los Angeles backstage, was it your first time meeting Wiz? and from what I hear a recording between you both is in the talks will that be for his upcoming project or something that you are working on?

On mine, but if he's doing something that he wants me to be a part of I would be glad to do so. That night was actually Wiz's first WWE show and he was blown away. I got a chance to talk with him and told him I was working on my next album and asked him if he would be down to be part of it which he agreed I asked him if he was down to spit a 16 on my next album, and he said "Let me know when, I'm ready" I asked him if he would be down to walk down the ring with me at any given point he told me he was down for whatever, so that was huge for me. Especially being a fan of his music, the collaboration is going to be banging.

What other big name features can we expect on your upcoming album besides Wiz Khalifa?

I've spoken already with Juvenile. I'm in talks right now with DMX and MGK. I spoke a little bit with E-40 about doing something but thats not confirmed yet, but I'm still working on features. I already got John Cena on two tracks and thats banging already, so expect that.

How do you feel about the current state of the R-Truth character and what's your major goal for this year in the ring?

Right now the R-Truth character is pretty much going to the ring and handling business. Me personally, I'm working on this album and working on myself perfecting my craft every week and everyday. I'm trying to get to that next level. I'm trying to have that talked about match at WrestleMania, if its not this WrestleMania it's going to be the next WrestleMania because thats why you in this business for, to get into the main event the Super Bowl of wrestling, and that is WrestleMania.

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